Arguably, the biggest night of our year is the Annual Goodstuff Pong Championships sponsored by talkSPORT providing match day balls and entertainment.

Not only does the winner get yearlong bragging rights, they also get to take home the coveted Championship Cup (engraved we might add, no expense spared) and Champions Ping Pong bat.

This year saw 40 Goodstuffers taking part, each one eager to smash, slice and ace their way into the finals. With so many outsiders, Mr. Rob Donnellan, our in-house betting expert, ran the book for the night with all proceeds going to GoodCause, supporting our chosen charities. Would it be the usual suspects or an outsider who would take the crown?

After some very tense and hairy matches we found ourselves at a final no one predicted, Mr. Phil ‘Powerhouse’ Khao vs. Mr. Charlie ‘New Kid on the Block’ Pendry.

Walk in music was obligatory for the final stages. The atmosphere in the room was electric, with the first to 21 taking home the glory, the loser living in shame for the next twelve months. After a tense and tumultuous back and forth, rallies reminiscent of Nadal and Djokovic at the US Open, Charlie Pendry finally pulled ahead and smashed his way into the history books, crowned 2018 AGP Champion.

A huge thanks to talkSPORT for sponsoring the night. Charlie will be back in 2018 to defend his crown. But for now, lunchtime ping pong practice has already started, with Goodstuffers getting ready for the AGP Championships 2019.