Back in 2004, we launched Goodstuff with big eyes and a simple, if somewhat lofty, mission; 

To Be The World’s Most Inventive Media Agency. 

We got our heads down and ‘cracked on’ as they say.  

We had no agenda other than producing brilliant work.  

And we had no bias as to who joined us. 

Or so we thought. 

What is clear through industry learning, self-reflection, and heaps of hindsight is that we haven’t done enough. Being passive and simply hoping we get the best people hasn’t been enough. We now know that the most inventive people, are not like each other. In fact, the most inventive people are by their very nature, beautifully diverse and varied. 

So it’s time to get it right once and for all.  

This is our Made of Different Stuff Manifesto 

Policy: Setting 2023 Targets 

 > 50% gender balance at all levels 

> 17% Black, Asian & Multi-Ethnic representation at all levels 

> 8 Goodstuffer scores “I would recommend Goodstuff as an inclusive place to work” 

Public: We’re bold about our commitments 

Gender and Black, Asian and multi-ethnic and gender pay gap stats published on our website 

Planning: A Clear Action Plan 

A robust D&I Strategy advised by Creative Equals and led by the Do The Right Thing Council includes our recruitment, retention, leadership KPI’s, unconscious bias training, IRR, Goodmood, and GRR. 

Partners: Leading the change 

Each Partner leads an area of D&I with the Do the Right Thing Council and each Partner and member of Leadership will call out unfair or discriminatory behaviour when they see it, creating an environment in which every Goodstuffer feels safe and able to do the same. 

Current Pay Gap Stats  

Mean & Median Averages Gender Pay Gap  Ethnicity Pay Gap 
Mean Average  26%  12% 
Median Average  10%  8%