A hotlist of the best of the best in media creativity.

Strip away the sun burn, rose and decadence and what do you get –  the world’s biggest celebration of commercial creativity. As an agency that stands for inventiveness and entrepreneurialism, we couldn’t resist mining for the work that we think represents the best of the best in media creativity to create Cannes 2018: Most Inventive.

So here it is, our collection the most inventive, naturally in a top 10 ranking (as everyone loves a list):

#10 Absolute – Never gonna GIF you up
Silver Lions Media


An inventive idea for its entrepreneurialism to spot the gap in the market through GIFs. Despite there being 2billion+ GIFs, there wasn’t one for ‘Let’s Grab a Drink’ until Absolute created them. A brilliant example for a brand seizing interpersonal communication shifting from text, to a visual vocabulary.

#9 Essity – Blood Normal
Glass Lion Grand Prix, Titanium Lion Silver


Inventive for the level of commitment to taking a stand against backward attitudes to periods and it’s infiltration of culture. To normalise the time of the month, Bodyform started being loud and proud of periods in interesting ways.  It’s this behaviour and the breadth of media and PR executions which makes this work so interesting.

#8 Louvre Abu Dhabi – The Highway Gallery
Gold Outdoor Lions, Silver & Bronze Media Lions, Bronze Radio & Audio Lions,


Sometimes ideas don’t have to save the planet to be good ideas that do good in return. The Louvre Abu Dhabi found an opportunity in transforming a monotonous drive into a curated museum experience using media. The synch up with radio to be your narrator is a fantastic use of technology and channel integration.

#7 Budweiser – Tagwords


Grand prix, Gold Print & Publishing Lions, Gold, 2x Silver Direct Lions, Silver Media Lions, Silver Outdoor Lions

A brilliant example of media channels working together to solve a problem around image rights and create a more authentic link with music. Budweiser created (arguably) the biggest music campaign ever made without using a single artist image.  An inventive use of channel integration that makes use of the rise in mobile search.

#6 Sanlam – WhatsApp Drama Series
Silver Entertainment Lions, Silver Media Lions, Bronze Social & Influencer Lions


A really inventive way for a brand for getting a presence within the frequently coveted space of WhatsApp. Sanlam’s route in was to create a genuine entertainment experience, making use of all the different formats within the app to tell a story. In doing so potentially creating a new ents format in itself – The What’s App premium drama.

#5 80 Days of Argos
Gold & Silver Media Lions


When data is stigmatised for being the enemy of creativity, it’s refreshing to see 80 days of Argos, another great example of advertising and media creativity working together. The un-sexy daily disposable creative works for the idea and with targeted media planning is pushing the boundaries of serving messages relevant to specific audiences.

#4 Tourism Palau – Palau Pledge
Winner Grand Prix Direct Lion


What makes this genuinely inventive for me is the behavioural economics at play when the pledge is placed as a compulsory flight video with a passport stamp pledge to sign, elevates this work from transient video into a being an official part of the tourist journey.

#3 Xbox Design Lab – The Fanchise Model
Grand Prize Creative eCommerce Lion, Gold Brand Experience & Activation Lions, Gold Direct Lions, Gold Media Lions,


It’s thought that awards are given based on problems as much as solutions and for bravery. Mircosoft’s idea to create a marketplace where gamers can earn money back, is certainly an inventive solution to the problem of price perception and a brave one to not default to price promotion.

#2 Tesco Food Love Stories
Grand Prix Media Lions


They might be our much bigger, network competitor, but hats off to Mediacom UK for bagging the Grand Prix. Media agencies still struggle for representation at Cannes, great to see one from the UK take this top prize. The idea is a simple one – putting people at the heart of selling food. It’s the sheer level of integration, clever localisation and channel planning that notches this work from good to great. A testament to brand building in tough times and the value of our craft; as it generated an incremental £231m directly attributable to media.

#1 LadBible – Trash Isles
Grand Prix Design Lion, Grand Prix PR Lions, Gold, Sustainable Development Goals Lions, Bronze Direct Lions, Bronze Social & Influencer Lions,

Our top pick goes to Trash Isles for sheer level of ambition. The idea to start your own country is original and an in-genius solution to addressing the plastic problem with the legal advantages it open up. The bar has been raised by LadBible and AMV BBDO.

Ketan Lad | Creative Media Director