Happy New Year! Is everyone still saying that by Friday? Anyway, we hope you had an excellent and well earned festive break. After over two years of relatively uninterrupted Friday Reading, we’re trying out a new format for our weekly dose of inspiration. The weekly edition will be somewhat shorter, but with more variety of content than before to fit into your ever busier days. Then at the end of each month we’ll have a longer form version with Goodstuff’s point of view on a topical issue. We hope you like the changes, but this is very much in beta so please let us know your thoughts.

Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

A man who shares everything about his life online, but not his face. Interesting read on the nature of digital privacy, and the nature of how we value our data – topical with GDPR on the horizon.

While we’re on the subject, take a look at this data showing a German politician’s exact movements over six months. All data held by his phone company, who reluctantly shared it after some legal persuasion. The brief ten minute TED talk on self determination in the digital age is well worth watching.

Ever wondered what would happen if we pulled a plug out of the bottom of the ocean? Some clever people have managed to model what would happen to sea levels if a 10 meter hole appeared at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, in handy gif form.

Were the Victorians all miserable or was it just that they had to wait ages for pictures to develop? Neither actually, solemn faces were just a social norm. So we really enjoyed this collection of pictures taken in the 1890′s with a hidden camera, capturing the normal unguarded expressions of people helps make the past feel much more real – even if they did still live in black and white.

Trending Trends for 2018. Someone has cross referenced the trend reports so you don’t have to.

Is the album dead? Not quite, but there is a sense that playlists are winning, and beginning to change how music is released.

Finally, here’s some positive, uplifting, life affirming stuff that happened in 2017, nice to remember that the year wasn’t all been buffoons with nuclear buttons.