The dreaded Blue Monday has come and gone – made better every year at Goodstuff by spinning our prize wheel every hour, on the hour, giving one different lucky Goodstuffer a prize to brighten their day. Wednesday saw us host the Goodies at the Curzon in Bloomsbury – Goodstuff’s chance to celebrate the great individuals and teams who work here, and the great work they produce. Thanks to some generous donations, our soon to be famous winners will appear in the Evening Standard, and across OOH sites on Monday!

Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

According to Twitter Monday really is the worst day of the week. Looking at Tweets starting way back in 2008 to present, analysis of sentiment shows the most commonly used words vary across days of the week, with words relating to happiness crashing on a Sunday evenings and well and truly burning on Mondays.

Good news for lovers for of gin and spas – A gin themed spa has opened in Glasgow, botanically inspired by gin. They’ll probably have a lot of time on their hands through January.

Want to know what’s happening in your body AND put your heating on at the same time? Well now you can using your pants – smart underwear company Myant have launched a new range of garments.

Want to go on holiday, but don’t want to leave your pooch (or your chickens) alone all week? Now you don’t have to – EasyJet has partnered with TrustedHousesitters to offer people unlimited house and pet sitting when they sign up for a membership and travel with the airline.

The modern-day pizza delivery experience is relentless. Ordering and delivering a pizza requires absolutely minimal effort these days from everyone involved. You can ask Alexa or send an emoji to a chatbot, and then a self-driving car will deliver it to you. Check out Toyota’s plans to collaborate with Dominoes to create autonomous delivery vehicles.

Google are using selfies to find peoples art doppelgangers through their Art & Cultures app, showcasing tech’s growing role in evolving the arts. Warning: it’s not always that flattering.

Adidas are creating 500 pairs of limited edition trainers, in collaboration with Berlin’s transport authority to celebrate their 90th anniversary. They have a fabric annual pass sewn into the tongue allowing travelers in Berlin to ride the metro system for free until December 2018, and they even match the coloured pattern on the seats.

Nintendo is experimenting with ‘new ways of playing’ involving DIY cardboard accessories, which turn into a fishing rod and a piano amongst other things, for it’s new initiative, Nintendo Labo. 

Everyone knows January is the worst time to go to the gym… too many people and no free equipment. Why not start your year off in a VR gym? According to the founder of BlackBox VR: “Black Box combines the addictive qualities of gaming and the power of immersive technologies … to improve your fitness level and transform your life”