What a week – first we got to enjoy Simeon’s despondent face after having traveled all the way to Wales only to see his homeland lose in the Six Nations, then the simple joys of pancake day on Tuesday, followed by loved up good vibes on Wednesday (check out some of the best cards we received here). And Thursday was, erm, sunny?


Mercedes have cased some offence in China with their latest post on Instagram (now deleted), an image which quotes the Dalai Lama, who the government consider a ‘political agitator’. A useful reminder of the international nature of social.

On the subject of brands offending, this week Pepsico announced that they’re looking to create a female-friendly crisp that women can eat in a ‘more feminine way’. Their aim is to create a snack that means women don’t have to ‘crunch too loudly in public’, or ‘lick their fingers generously’, because apparently women don’t like to do so in front of others. This offering should go down really well…

You can’t have missed Nike’s epic ode to London youth culture this week, real kids mixing with Skepta in a corner shop, Gareth Southgate as God, it struck the perfect tone. Fast Company have spoken to W+K about the process and details behind the scenes.

Can you see atoms? Well on some level, of course you can, they make up everything you’re looking at. But a single atom? Of course not, at least not without a powerful microscope. Yet amazingly, by holding it nearly static in an electrical field, David Nadlinger has managed to capture a remarkable photograph of a single atom you can see with the naked eye.

Everyone is getting hilariously rich, and you’re not. As clickbate titles go, it’s pretty effective. But the New York Times article it links to, about the rapid ascent of crypto currency wealth and the communities it’s created, makes for fascinating reading.

Unilever’s Keith Weed has called for Facebook and Google to address their platforms being used to “create division in society and promote anger and hate”, with a veiled threat to reconsider their digital spend. Could this be a turning point in the balance of power, or just another short lived bump? Time will tell.

Can you have it all with a programmatic buy? According to Google yes you can! They have recently run a test to gain an understanding of how much more efficient it is to run campaigns through a consolidated programmatic guarantee system, vs a direct route. The results are in and programmatic guarantee systems were able to reach 11% more unique customers, with greater control on frequency distribution. Good news for relentless retargeting.