Hey, has anyone noticed it’s been snowing this week?

What a marvelous thing to be complaining about though eh? Yes it’s been a bit tricky getting to work, but we’ve pulled on the Long Johns and taken resident Australian Chris Jeffs out into the white stuff to throw his first ever snowball. Safe to say, it’s been the weirdest start to spring (yes, it’s March so it counts) we’ve had for a while. Enjoy it while it lasts!


Anyone can download their full Facebook data file, everything they know about you all in a handy Zip file. Beyond the obvious stuff like wall posts and friends, the file contains more than you might expect.

We love the serendipity of this street photography from New York based photographer Jonathan Higbee.

Spotify are going public, but rather than the usual model where shares are underwritten by banks, they are gambling on selling directly to the public. Recode have explained what this means for the world largest streaming service.

The always interesting Russell Davies has a great piece up at Wired making the case for a return to an internet of tiny, niche pockets of enthusiasm – reveling in the fascinating details of real passions, consciously resisting than the superficial generalism which unlimited access to information tends to lead towards.

Apple created a hugely powerful IR powered scanner which can pick out the tiny nuances of your face and expression – and what did they do with it? Animoji. The ability to turn yourself into a cartoon poo. A visual artist in the US has used the tech in a more interesting way, creating an amazing optical illusion which makes the phone look like a tunnel to an infinite abyss.