The winds of change have certainly been in the air this week, with Spring arriving (not a day too soon in our opinion) and, most importantly, International Women’s Day offering an opportunity to consider the steps we’ve taken towards equality, and the steps still to go.

Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

Unsurprisingly, IWD has inspired much of the good stuff we’ve found this week, starting with Creative Equals re-imagining iconic brand logos to include women. Indeed, Johnny Walker have taken this a step further with their limited-edition Jane Walker edition. Whilst it’s easy to dismiss these initiatives as a gimmick, it’s incredible to see the effect that (presumably unconscious) bias has had on brands and well worth drawing attention to.

Speaking of important makeovers, Barbie’s transformation from equality pariah to voice of female ambition continues apace with the production of ‘trailblazing women’ models.

Tackling equality in typically punchy style, Brewdog’s Pink IPA not only draws attention to one dimensional (frankly, outdated) marketing to women, but offers a 20% discount to female customers to highlight inequality and unfairness. Punk with a purpose indeed.

Also about purpose, though with a slight shift, Lacoste has switched its famous crocodile logo for 10 endangered species to raise awareness for species in imminent danger of extinction. Animal protection has never looked so cool! 

Of course, it would be remiss of us not to mention the Oscars this week and we applaud the OAAA response to the success of Three Billboards last Sunday.

Continuing the Billboards theme (a sentence, even working in media, we never expected to write) McDonalds are at it againshowing the awesome power of an immediately recognisable brand.