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Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

They’ve become synonymous with words like ‘Linguistics’ and ‘Semiotics’, students are writing their dissertations on them and someone even decided they needed a movie – Emoji’s have now been added to dictionary.com. At last we can have answers to all of life’s emoji-based questions. Ever wondered what the goat emoji really means? Apparently ‘the goat emoji can mean an animal but also refers to the acronym GOAT for “greatest of all time”’.

After 66 years, the institution that is British music magazine NME is moving entirely online. The digital incarnation will include expanding its website, a ticketing platform, and new music marketplace PledgeMusic, as well as two new radio stations.

Gin sales hit a record high over Christmas with consumers buying the equivalent of a bottle for every adult in the UK, according to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA).

Virgin Trains is offering a discount to 26-30 year olds who arrive to catch their train baring an avocado. Many were unable to claim the new release of the ‘millennial railcard’ when they went on sale due to the website crashing under high traffic levels, thus prompting Virgin to launch the #Avocard alternative. How very “millennial”.

According to a new study fake news travels faster than legitimate reports. Researchers found that fake news was more commonly retweeted by humans, in fact it was 70% more likely to be re-tweeted than true stories.

To show support for the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Lacoste is making room on their iconic polos for ten endangered species, including the Anegada Rock Iguana and the Gulf of California porpoise. As part of the “Save Our Species” campaign, the number of limited edition shirts available corresponds to the number of each species that remain and they’ll be on sale on their microsite with money going towards the preservation of the species.