There’s definitely been a buzz around the office this week, as we near our first year of being a fully Independent agency and to celebrate we are launching something very exciting…keep your eyes peeled for “The Age of Independence”.

Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

While for many it’s pay day, ad agencies are banding together to launch the Real Living Wage Pledge. Over 30 of London’s leading advertising agencies have pledged to pay all staff, including interns, the real living wage (which is £10.20 per hour and £8.75 elsewhere). This is an important step to remove a barrier to entry to the industry, so that the creative industries are open to everybody.

Everything seems to be moving nowadays. In a ever increasingly visual world, there are exciting developments of how we can enhance it, such as Zach Lieberman and Molmol Kuo’s AR app Weird Type lets you paint with type in space.

Martin Weigel presents his thoughts on “The Case for Chaos”, originally presented at the DMX conference in Dublin, and what we can do about the “cultural landfill” that we are at risk of producing.

Google’s feeling even more at home, with the launch of Google Wifi, and the reinvented router. This article gives interesting insight into the creative process of how it came about.

Planning a weekend away? Why not head to Scarfolk, a quaint town in the north west of England. the Mayor seems like a delightful fellow.

The National Geographic has released it’s April issue; The Race Issue. By devoting the April magazine to the topic of race, the National Geographic thought to examine their own history before turning their reportorial gaze to others.The acknowledgement of such a sensitive topic, is definitely admirable, and shows how to rise above our past, we must acknowledge it.