This week at Goodstuff we’ve been celebrating the anniversary of our first full year as an independent agency! For the last year, we’ve had no masters, no shadowy corporate holding companies to bark commands at us – free to blaze our trail as probably the most inventive media agency in the world.

To celebrate we’ll be raising a glass of Fever Tree and gin this Friday to support their campaign to raise money for Malaria research. Simply sharing a picture of your ‘cheers’ with #MalariaMustDie will be enough for the lovely people at Fever Tree to donate £5 towards stopping Malaria. If every Friday Reading subscriber tags a picture that’s a cool £2,600 towards the cause!


But the world carries on, and the struggle to remain at the cutting edge of culture continues – luckily our friends over the pond at the NY Times have put together the top 25 songs that tell us where music is going. Luckily though the robots haven’t taken over being a celebrity – or have they??

Robots are great and everything, but humanity’s ability to learn is lightyears ahead of what modern AI can achieve – The Guardian have written about how cutting edge science is still learning about how children develop and how it can help us achieve our real potential. Another thing AI can’t compete with is the power of the brand – Tom Roach of BBH write’s an open letter to all CMOs out here.

As more and more people attempt to join the creative industries, internships are increasingly under the spotlight. Are they an all-important leg-up, or a system of exploitation that marginalises poorer candidates?

Other things to mull over: Is Dank the new Umami? Is this the worst roommate ever? Is this the greatest storyteller ever?