Ah you’re still with us! Glad to hear it. Amidst the endless flow of “updating your terms and conditions” emails from every company you’ve ever contacted, we thought we might have lost you. Amazing isn’t it, that this has been on the cards for years, but in the space of one week every company in Europe seems to have suddenly realised they might actually need to do something. Actually hang on, we haven’t even culled the list yet! You’ve got another couple of weeks. Phew. Well still, don’t forget to update your preferences to continue receiving this biting social commentary every week.


Apple’s space aged ‘halo’ head office in California is either an architectural triumph, a cathedral to corporate excess or a bloated knockoff of GCHQ, depending on who you speak to. But as this drone footage of the nearly complete HQ reveals, it is impressive, and perhaps even beautiful.

Snapping a quick picture is the modern version of taking notes, we take an average of around 77 pictures per day on holiday, or over a thousand per year. VOX media have taken a fascinating look at how the rapid development in access to photography impacts not just our capacity to remember, but even the nature of the memories we do retain.

Sir H of BBH is a titan of the industry, and a tireless champion of creativity for over 40 years. So when he argued brainstorms are a waste of time, we errr, disagreed? For us there’s real benefit in many brains working together – but that’s the beauty of creative thinking, there’s lots of different ways to get there.

“But I could do that” – five words which are guaranteed to immediately wind up any fan of modern art. Never mind the correct response (“but you didn’t”), VOX have an interesting five minute video on the why some blank white paintings hang in galleries, but your five year-old’s Jackson Pollock homage won’t be.

This is our planning team’s secret reference page, please don’t tell them we’ve nicked the source of most of their work – but it’s too full of brilliant and useful stuff not to share.

Cruise ships. We’ve become something of a specialist on the subject over the past four years of working with the wonderful Celebrity Cruises. But many of you won’t be as familiar with the dizzying arms race that has consumed a large portion of their market. WIRED have a good piece looking at the staggering scale involved.

If you’ve ever felt inadequate compared to multi millionaire teenage footballers and 20 something tech CEO’s, don’t worry, it’s not necessarily that they’re smarter, sharper or work harder than you. New analysis of wealth creation suggests that pure luck plays a much greater role in the accumulation of wealth than we thought. But just in case, best get back to work now eh? Can’t hurt your chances.