Could it be? Could it really be? Are we about to get a warm Bank Holiday weekend?!

Natural British caution dictates that we hold off on the suncream and BBQ food for the moment but the sunny sky that we’re currently staring at is sparking a host of tantalising possibilities… never let it be said that Goodstuff don’t do blue sky thinking!


Continuing with the weather theme for the moment, Mcdonald’s fun new creative puts a ray of sunshine into even the rainiest of days. It’s great to see brands being brave and leveraging a strong brand style creatively!

Whilst we’re not always the biggest fans of the working vacations, this one from Hawaii’s state tourist board, giving six lucky New Yorkers the opportunity to work remotely from across the state, has certainly grabbed our attention.

The good news for New Yorkers continues (apologies to all our non-NYC based readers), as Spotify have taken the opportunity to pay homage to David Bowie’s creative link to the city. Fortunately, a little closer to home we may visit the V&A to see some great art on the great man.

The Karate Kid film is something we could wax (on and off) lyrical about, so we’re extremely excited to hear that YouTube red will be releasing a revival. Even better (if possible) is their fun stunt to bring the show to life; a perfect example of how to produce a stunt for the digital age.

Speaking of the digital age, Facebook’s announcement that Instagram will now offer video chat has certainly caused a stir here at Goodstuff towers. Whether this will further eat away at Snapchat’s audience, or simply blur the lines between Facebook and Instagram, only time will tell.

Lastly, this neurological study of jazz musicians has thrown up some interesting insights into creative thinking; low inhibition in particular is apparently key to producing great creative work… perhaps a few Kopparberg’s to start with would help superpower your ideation session?