It’s been a fabulously warm and short week, and, it’s official as confirmed by the Met Office – the bank holiday was a success with it being the hottest May Bank Holiday weekend since the holiday was introduced in 1978, topping the previous top temperature of 23.6C set in 1999. But enough about temperature records…


We’re all happy because its hot (and a four day week), but if you want to know where the happiest kids in the world live, apparently it’s Australia. Research by Nickelodeon suggests that 94% of Australian kids feel happy – a full 9% higher than the global average. The research also showed that ‘bringing happiness to the world’ (58%) was the top challenge kids in Australia wanted to tackle, followed by ending wars around the world (56%) and finding a cure for cancer in third (52%). What a lovely lot!

From happiness to pizza, which are definitely correlated, Pizza Hut has launched a new campaign in Singapore, featuring a foodies anonymous ‘therapy session’ which aims to show how uncomplicated food should be.

And from pizza to burgers; Burger King have made the most of a change in Peruvian law, which now allows cinema-goers in Peru to bring  their own food into cinemas, so long as it’s “similar” to items sold in the cinema’s food concessions. Burger King launched its ‘King Popcorn’ campaign in which they disguised a Whopper and fries inside a popcorn bag so consumers could cheat the system.

Environmentally friendly cleaning brand Ecover opened a pop-up in Covent Garden dubbed The Rubbish Café, where consumers were able to pay for food using plastic rubbish. gave itself the longest URL, 2,083 characters to be precise, to list all the other spaces it has on offer aside from just hotels, from chalets to yurts to bungalows. Here is the full URL, which you’re welcome to try, (but it will just take you to

Tyre safety – perhaps not the most interesting of subjects… however tyre brand Michelin has teamed up with Vans in the US to make it a bit more interesting. For the #StreetTreadContest campaign Vans has created 100 pairs of limited edition trainers to raise awareness amongst teens of the fact that a large proportion of car accidents in the US are related to tyre issues. In order to get their hands on a pair, consumers must share a photo showing they know how to check a tyre’s tread depth.