Are you feeling the love this week? We certainly are at GoodStuff HQ now Love Island is back on our screens, with ITV2’s highest ever overnights, beating big brother ITV and even BBC1! Just when we were starting to wonder what to do with our summer… Now time filled with chat about our favourite ridiculously bronzed and toned couples will be a must on all timesheets.

Here’s what we found for you to love, or not, this week.


Advertising is a funny business, it should be the easiest thing in the world. Most ads are terrible, so make something a bit different, and head off to the pub. If only things were so simple. So we really liked this article from BBH Labs, full of useful nuggets on what’s stopping us making great work.

Between 1968 and 1971, in a basement at 61 Camden Road, there existed a poster workshop. Open to anyone with something to say, you could have an idea, design it, and print thousands of copies on the same day. It’s Nice That have the story, and some of the designs – revealing an interesting parallel to the social concerns of today.

A couple of weeks ago, with a surprisingly low news profile given the potential impact, Google demonstrated an AI service which was able to have a full, unscripted phone conversation with a human being in a way very hard to distinguish from the real thing. The ethical questions are mind boggling, in a world where social manipulation is a very real threat to democratic freedoms…

Remember the interview with Steve Jobs where be disclosed that his children wouldn’t know what his products were like because he didn’t let them use them? In fact most of the Silicon Valley tech set send their children to restricted screen time schools. So it is no surprise that Apple released a new app called Screen Time this week to help you use tech less.

Talking of Silicon Valley, Mary Meekers 2018 internet trends report was released last week. Key takeouts range from the obvious; people increasing time online and Tech companies facing a Privacy Paradox – to the less obvious; smartphone shipments didn’t see any growth in 2017 and China are leading the way in mobile payment adoption.

Feeling a tad blue this week? Are the pressures of modern life becoming too much? Why not throw yourself into a pink room with an inflatable mattress to bounce on whilst being showered in glitter?! Benefit are providing joyous experiences just like this and more in their ‘Hello Happy House’. We don’t think there is anything wrong with adding a little sparkle to life, even if it is a mouthful of glitter!

Mindfulness and wellness is something we are trying very hard to promote at Goodstuff, but it is sometimes hard to fit into our busy lives. However there may be a way to combined it with your exercise regime, effectively killing two birds with one stone. ASICS have created a ‘blackout’ running track to help launch their new Gel Kayano range. It creates a meditative experience devoid of distractions whilst running, really bringing attention to the role the mind plays in exercise.