As you’re reading this edition of Friday Reading, your Goodstuffers will be waking up (well those of us that made it to bed) in tents, probably covered in glitter, somewhere in Norfolk. That’s because yesterday was our annual agency Getaway, where we get stuck into fancy-dress, themed ‘heroes and villains’ this year, and all hang out together for the night. If you want to check out who won best dressed (our money’s on the Scooby Doo gang – they even made a Mystery Machine…) and what we all got up to, keep your eyes peeled on the Goodstuff Instragram, which will be filled with some fantastic pictures!


Sleep – something that we Goodstuffers probably didn’t get much of last night. Is 8.5 hours the perfect amount of sleep? Guardian have looked into what effect different amount of sleep time can have on the body. Researchers claim that we need 8 and a half hours of sleep each night. But is a good sleep worth the effort and how long do we need? This Guardian article explores this further…

Uber has applied for a patent for an artificial intelligence product that could figure out how drunk you are based on how you’re using your phone. Apparently the system would work by using a series of smartphone measurements like ‘data input accuracy’ and ‘device angle’ to assess the user state. However in a statement Uber said “We file patent applications on many ideas, but not all of them actually become products or features.” So it’s a shame but it may never come to be…

Last Friday was World Ocean Day 2018, which aims to raise awareness around ocean health and help reduce plastic pollution. According to Greenpeace UK an estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year. So what are brands doing to help play a part in alleviating the problems our oceans and the wildlife within it face? Beauty and cosmetics brand Lush will be launching their first ever packaging free shop, they’ll also launch two brand new naked Turtle Jelly Bombs amongst over initiatives in store encouraging people to talk about the issue. Ikea are pledging to stop selling single-use plastic products by 2020 with plans to design more Eco-friendly recyclable alternatives.

This is the time of year is when all the art schools host their end of year degree shows. Just for some insider information and an excuse to avoid the tourists in the big London galleries. Goldsmiths are hosting their Fine Art Degree Show over the next week, and this weekend will be the last change to catch the SLADE degree show – so get down there if you can. It should be worth the visit!

Culture and cultural insight is important in the consideration of everything media. It effects our social norms whether that be in brands, business, politics or society, and it can help shape and explain behaviour. This paper by IPSOS Mori offers an interesting discussion around the power of culture and it’s role in helping to shape effective communications. It offers some great case studies including Public Health England on how they use culture to propel behaviour change for the better… Take a look here.

To honor the 150th anniversary of the All England Club and celebrate 50 years of open tennis the In Pursuit of Greatness: Take on History Campaign tells the story of Wimbledon through the years helps through the lens of a visually exciting animated message for its viewers. Alongside this with aims to demonstrate Wimbledon’s innovative nature, IMB’s Watson has created a unique poster using AI, composed of 9,000 separate images of Wimbledon over the years.


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