Summer has truly arrived this week – the terrace has been packed, ice creams have replaced the mid-afternoon coffee and this afternoon we’re firing up the BBQ in aid of charity. In other news, reports are Simeon has ordered Melania Trump’s now infamous coat for the morning after the 2019 MediaWeek awards, just in case…


The Long and Short of It is something of a planner’s bible, a rare piece of freely available, accessible, comprehensive, channel neutral research into how advertising works. But it’s easy to forget it’s not infallible. The brilliantly titled, Wrong and the Shit of It from BBH Labs looks at the problems with only analysing winners, and why we should really learn from what doesn’t work.

The World Cup is upon us, regularly cited as an example of the enduring power of national live TV moments. But as viewing patterns change, live digital streams are becoming an increasingly large part of the viewing total. Neiman have had a look at the impact this has on ratings around the world.

While we’re on the subject, The Guardian have put together an interesting look at how national kits have developed over the 88 year history of the World Cup.

With GDPR now in force, Facebook and Google collecting enormous data profiles on us, and Russian interest groups using that to skew elections – lack of privacy in a digital world is more on the public radar than ever before. So this article from the New Yorker asking why we actually care about privacy in the first place was an fascinating read.

Beyonce and Jay Z are now a thing. Well they’ve been a thing for a while, but now they’re a “making music together” thing, called The Carters. The debut album Everything is Love dropped out of nowhere last week, and the lead music video is a visual feast to behold, as the power couple take over the Louvre for a stunning and immaculately choreographed video.

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