At the time of writing this, like Eyal and Zara, football is indeed coming home. Never let it be said that Goodstuff is not ‘zeitgeisty’. If you haven’t been suffering from football fever (we understand Love Island fever to be a different beast entirely), then we hope you’ve at least been taking advantage of the glorious weather.


Despite us only just having got past the first round, Nigeria have already been declared the undisputed World Cup winners… when it comes to kits. This interview with Nike’s Peter Hoppins discussed the creative process behind an immediate hipster classic.

Speaking of hipsterish things, these photos of French nightclubs in the daytime are strangely compelling.

That is, of course, further evidence that small things please small minds. However, apparently Lidl things can inspire great work, as these paintings demonstrate.

In news that is still sending shock waves through the advertising community, being honest with consumers has a positive correlation to brand trust. The latest evidence for this comes out of Vermont, where labelling GM food as genetically modified has increased both trust and consumption across the state.

In another lightbulb moment, these new installations in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens are a fantastic tribute to the city.

Finally, sometimes a thing is invented and you cannot fathom how the world ever functioned without it. Joining an illustrious list that began with man-made fire, this week we give you the mobile phone airbag. We know, thanks us later.


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