It’s a good week for celebrating, and hopefully there will be more to come; the sun is still shining, England won a penalty shootout to make it through to the quarter finals in the World Cup, Pride Month will draw to a close tomorrow with London’s massive annual Pride Parade and most importantly Jack and Dani’s relationship made it through Casa Amor unscathed. Let’s keep up the momentum and let’s keep rooting for England (and Jack and Dani).


The 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony held the title for the most watched moment of TV until earlier this week, when a reported 23.6 million of us watched England secure a place in the World Cup quarter finals, that means that 81% of people watching TV in the UK were tuned in at one time.

London’s transport network will be transformed to celebrate this years Pride in London tomorrow. Some of London’s iconic red and blue tube station signs will be replaced with rainbow ones, flags will fly at others, and 50 Santander bicycles will be decorated with the colours of pride. Truly a fantastic way to celebrate the diversity of London by encouraging all to ride with pride.

Many brands have taken the opportunity to fly the flag for pride during June. In response to research by Pride in London, revealing that the LGBTQ+ community feel over-labelled, Sushi restaurant Yo! Sushi has announced the removal of all labels from its High Street Kensington restaurant front, website and social media platforms as part of its ‘No Labels. Just Pride’ campaign. Harry’s Razors ‘Shave with Pride’ campaign also calls on individuals to ditch out-dated labels and decide on their own unique self-identifiers, alongside limited edition colourful razor handles.

This week the NHS have launched a new campaign across TV, radio, OOH and social media to coincide with it’s 70th anniversary. ‘We Are The NHS’ showcases real people and real moments, designed to help inspire our youth and recruit our next generation of nurses. There were over 34,000 nursing vacancies reported in England between April to September 2017. Market research has helped to inform the campaign by delving into how people currently feel and perceive the NHS.

Digital medicare start-up Babylon Health claim that their newly developed AI chatbot is more accurate than doctors when it comes to medical exams at 82% vs the average score of 72% for doctors. With a shortage of over 5 million doctors worldwide, as reported by the World Heath Organization, accessible and affordable health services have never been more important. There is still more work to be done, but it has the potential to improve access to healthcare worldwide. If you’re interested in reading the study’s results they’re published here.

Ice cream brand Häagen-Dazs is extending into the world of fashion for a 48-hour collection in partnership with students in Berlin during fashion week there. ‘The House of Häagen-Dazs’ collection aims to celebrate and is part of the relaunch for new packaging designs by different artists and designers for each ice cream flavour in 2019.


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