Well, we can’t ignore it can we? All that promise, the hopes and dreams. England expects – only for it all to end in crushing disappointment.

Yes – my application to Startstuff was declined…Something about breach of employment contract.. But for anyone outside these walls, the doors are still very much open to innovative ideas for the next generation of media agency. There’s A MILLION POUNDS* up for grabs to make it happen.


To shave or not to shave. A question many find themselves pondering in the shower, which often results with: I’ll just wear jeans and no one will know. There’s nothing more natural than body hair, yet we still seem determined to deny its existence. Billie’s new campaign, is apparently the first in over 100 years to show actual female body hair. The simple, “bold” approach feels like a big win for so many women out there, and the conclusion strikes a poignant note; ultimately it’s up to the individual.

Here at Goodstuff, we like to consider ourselves champions for creativity. Yet depleting funding in schools, is making it ever more difficult for many to get creative and make a good old mess. Jodi Cariss has launched Forever Curious, an initiative that aims to try and help out schools across London, particularly those in worst affected areas.

We hope everyone had a proud weekend, filled with rainbows and glitter. In case you missed it, Grey London and Volvo created these wonderful and faith-restoring parking icons depicting all the various shapes and sizes that families actually come in. Such a simple idea, yet such a great impact, altering a visual that we are often blind to.

More positivity for the week: LadBibles quest to redefine what it is to be a ‘lad’. After years of questionable behaviour, LadBible are now undeniably well on their way in achieving some social good in the world. Following up their lauded ‘Trash Isles’ campaign, drawing attention to plastic waste. So long ‘Cleavage Tuesdays’, and hello Mindful Thursdays.

Over the last two weeks, there’s been a worldwide sporting competition. It involves numerous nationalities; French, English, Belgium, but with a notable lack of the Scottish… It is of course, this summer’s other sporting event; Wimbledon. Somewhat of overshadowed by the World Cup, it looks as though Wimbledon may have the last laugh in the long run, with its enviable and impressive “supplier” deals. There are definitely some interesting takeaways from just how this integral event of British Summer keeps up with the times, whilst staying true to its origins.

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