It’s hotting up here at Goodstuff, and it’s not just down to Gayfer’s extensive collection of pastel coloured above-the-knee shorts. We’ll be keeping cool over here with some exclusive JJBucks (iced coffee by Josh and James – see what they did there?) and by congregating directly around the increasingly beleaguered air-conditioning unit. Why not take a chill with some of the best things we’ve read this week.


Outside of a waistcoat and a simple dream, the biggest TV event so far this summer has been the juggernaught that is Love Island. As we enter the final week, we’ll toast our personalised water bottles to a show that demonstrates how broadcast and social can really live together.

It’s not just 30 degree heat and the related… hygiene issues, that make the sharing environment of an open plan office a hard place to work on occasion. Libby Sander writes how offices should provide multiple different spaces to cater for the different types of work, either collaborative or focused.

Virgin are also feeling the heat – after the fall out with UKTV, their relationship with ITV also looks to become increasingly strained. Are the scales starting to tip against platforms and towards content owners? Will Carolyn McCall start really flexing her muscle on broadcasting rights, and will we see an increasingly confrontational relationship between not only Virgin but Sky and the big broadcasters and content owners, or will it change the way that the platforms start positioning content, with non-linear being put in the fore against live TV?

Some other things we’ve been thinking about – Wired talking about the biggest (current) scandal in crypto; the professor who can deduce your sexuality through facial recognition; new self-balancing robot rollerskates which even look wobbly in the press pictures; what happens when you pitch the worst programme ideas to Viacom; and finally, the importance of white fragility in the workplace.


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