We’re deep into school holiday season now, and with it comes the disappearance of most Goodstuffers over 40 – the office stereo has never been more current!


The average American spends 11 hours per day looking at a screen. Think about your own life and it’s probably similar – or if anything, more. The negative health effects of smartphone addiction and square eyes are well established now – so what’s next? Are we at ‘peak screen’?

We loved this work from Stabilo, designed to literally highlight the often overlooked work of women in important moments throughout history. Simple black and white images, with a bright yellow highlighter line picking out the woman behind the story – it’s a fantastic example of advertising linking product to culture in a smart way.

Did you know anyone can pay to promote any video on YouTube? Tech reviewer Marques Brownlee found out recently as a phone company was running one of his reviews as a paid ad, without his involvement. The implications for editorial independence and trust online seem fairly clear, so hopefully YouTube close this loophole soon.

It’s official. Brighton is the most hipster city in the world. By 0.0001 over nearest rival Portland, Oregon. Moving company Movehub have analysed over 134 thousand vegan cafes, coffee bars and tattoo joints across 200 cities to crown Brighton king of cool. Simeon’s smugness will be unbearable.

Speaking of cool – it’s often said you have it or you don’t. Imitating something or someone that is already cool, rarely makes you cool. So we do question quite what the Conservative party was thinking when they tried to get ‘down with the kids’, by releasing this range of knock off Love Island water bottles emblazoned with “don’t let Corbyn mug you off”. Honestly. This is real…

Cryptography – you’ve probably heard of it, but there’s a good chance you don’t understand it. But it’s central to how the digital world functions, and in an age of greater awareness of the importance of data privacy, it’s a subject we could all do with understanding more about. This handy guide simplifies things to the point even this humble writer was able to get the jist.


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