Well that’s August over in a flash… tomorrow is officially the start of Autumn, in a few weeks we’ll start to notice those darker mornings creeping up, and before we know it the getting-out-of-bed whilst still dark outside struggle will begin, it’ll be dark again when we leave the office, and then we’ll start hearing mentions of the C word*…



Tom Ewing of System1 watched over 180 ads, including rubbish ones, in order to understand whether we can learn anything from bad ads, as well as good ones. Have a look at what he thought.

The Gothenburg Symphony, the national orchestra of Sweden, has created an app, Octomonk, to help children and students with their studying through the use of classical music. The app uses the Pomodoro technique – along with smartphone dimming, and is framed nicely with a gamified element.

A recent study by OMD, ‘The Future of Britain – five years on’, has revealed some interesting insights into the views of Britons’. We’re more optimistic than we were five years ago, and the notion of ‘Contented Resilience’ to help explain why this might be is an interesting one. The full report is available to read here.

Santander are offering cycling guided tours to mark the centenary of women winning the right to vote in the UK. Visitors will embark on the ‘Tour de Force’ using bikes branded in the suffragette movement colours of purple, white and green and taken on a tour of landmarks that represent female achievements over time.

BrewDog are using other famous beer brands own endlines against them in their latest campaign. They’re using scores from websites like Ratebeer.com to show off their superior scores vs. competitors and then using their slogans to poke a bit of fun.

Uber Eats have unveiled their intentions to try and use drones to deliver peoples takeaways, they want to call it Uber Air… we’ll see.


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