September eh? Who’d have thought. With X Factor now on our screens, Christmas is practically round the corner. But before we get too excited, there are plenty of other things to look forward to in the not so distant future! This week at Goodstuff has seen the rumblings of Agency of the Year preparations, watch this space…


Nike has also been causing some ripples in the advertising world, which features the face of Colin Kaepernick and the caption, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”. The ad references Kaepernick’s choice to kneel during the pregame national anthem in protest of police treatment of minorities — a protest that, according to multiple polls, many Americans don’t approve of. Some people have even taken to burning Nike products. But not because they’re angry with the monetisation of protest, but because they don’t approve of the message they’re supporting. Does Nike care? Probably not. VICE has an interesting viewpoint on Nike’s motivations behind this campaign.

Now what would the internet be without trolls? They do have their moments, and one such brilliant one is Farmland Food trolling Supreme, calling then out for supposedly stealing its logo on the clothing brand’s FW18 Horizon 5-Panel cap. Farmland Foods have hit the nail on the head, creating a mocking lookbook, published on their Instagram. Category is “Friday Farm Realness”. No comment from Supreme as of yet.

Maybe it’s the turn of the weather, but is anyone else starting to feel creaky and old? Fear not. Our prime is yet to come. For anyone who needs a flash of inspiration to find their purple, this is a positive read about women, ageing and creativity.

Harvey Nichols has become the latest brand to feminise its name in a stunt to promote its September campaign ‘Let’s Hear it for the Girls’. For the duration of the month, the store will be known as ‘Holly’, with the amendments taking place on their signage, website, social media, shopping bags and in-store branding. The change comes as part of a push to highlight the company’s commitment to championing female equality, as well as the launch of four new floors dedicated to womenswear. However whilst at face value this temporary re-brand looks positive, sceptics have been quick to point out that this re-brand actually omits female co-founder Anne Harvey’s name.. Oops.

This week, Waitrose, John Lewis and the John Lewis Partnership, revealed their new brand redesign, designed by Pentagram. The change of logo brings with it a fresh focus on the philosophy of the company. If you’re an employee of John Lewis or Waitrose, you’re automatically a partner, an initiative set up by its founder in 1929. This rebrand is complex, sensitive and authentic; the result of three years of detailed design thinking, and it’s perhaps an interesting reflection of what customers are valuing within company ethics.

This week Hearst announced the closure of celebrity news magazine ‘Reveal’, citing a sharp circulation slump and the “tough celebrity news market”. Whilst the Daily Mail Showbiz section might beg to differ on the latter, this closure does once again, sadly, emphasise the tough market conditions for magazines and the wider printing industry.

And to wrap up, if you want your mind bamboozled with some beautiful photographs that really make you question what you think you see, check out Luke Evan’s new photographic series. It’s beaut.


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