As the clouds gather, leaves turn brown and our holidays are a distant memory, September is the perfect month to get ourselves back into gear. We’re thinking about being more effective, efficient and energised. That is until we have 15 consecutive Christmas parties come November.


With a constantly pinging email client, a phone buzzing, 5 different social media accounts pinging and the entirety of human knowledge three clicks away, dealing with information overload is as big a task for the modern individual as dealing with saber-tooth tigers was for cavemen. Medium has a manifesto for dealing with this scourge of the modern information age, developed by the masters in their field.

Now you’ve dealt with saber-tooth tiger of information overload, how do you deal with the woolly mammoth of decision fatigue? The constant barrage of possibilities is slowly sapping our productivity, motivation and willpower – the average person switches between tasks 300 times a day! Rescue time asserts that it’s not the volume of choices, but the way we approach making decisions is sapping our focus and willpower.

How to you challenge a user that is exhausted by the multitudes or choices, and whose decision making is paralysed? You design! Amazon, ASOS & AirBnB are all investing in simple design ideas, and Fast Company have taken a look at their strategies for designing a compelling and engaging user journey.

Other things we’ve been thinking about this week; National Geographic and the amazing journey we go on every time we sleep; Uber’s bundles – how growth can only come through redesigning concepts, with Uber redesigning the concept of travel through bundling and the brilliant fact that Dave Benson Phillips is now a pro-wrestler.


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