This week has seen the year’s biggest event here at Goodstuff. Months of planning, the competitive juices flowing, the chance for eternal glory in front of some of the industry’s biggest names… it’s Goodstuff Sport’s Day! Oh yeah, and AOTY was pretty cool too…


This week, some world class advertisers brought back an old relic for one final hurrah. No, we’re not talking about Goodstuff resuscitating Simeon’s athletic career, it’s Deadpool bringing back Blockbuster! A lovely idea born of a great consumer insight.

Further fuelling our nostalgia for the heady days of the nineties, Sony have announced that the miniature Playstation Classic will be available from December 3rd. Sometimes you have to go backwards, to go forwards indeed!

Shortly after Nike made headlines for having Colin Kaepernick voiceover their latest ad, Adidas have announced the first Vegan pair of Stan Smith trainers, proving that both brands are putting their best foot forward on diversity.

Of course, taking a stand can backfire. This article on Brewdog, by Molly Fleming, is a great read on the dangers of activating around sensitive issues and the need to remain authentic to your brand first.

On a Friday morning, in certain award-winning media agencies, the prospect of walking 15m to your nearest Starbucks can feel like a monumental task. Thankfully Uber Eats are rolling out a solution! Here’s hoping it makes it to the UK soon.

Finally, we all know that we’re not ourselves when we’re hungry, but kudos to Snickers for placing Elton John in his greatest Hip Hop collaboration since the 2006 Grammys.

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