Goodstuff’s version of the Great British Bake Off kicked off on Monday this week in the office, which saw our first bunch of Goodstuff bakers compete in the first heat. ‘Dave’s Sausage Surprise’ won over the judges to take our first Goodstuffer into the semi-finals. Baked goods in the office for the next 5 weeks makes for very happy Goodstuffers. We’ve also been treated to avocados, mindfulness and massages as part of ‘Feel Good Week’ here at Goodstuff – much needed after all the excitement of Goodstock last week!


Those food Instagrammers seemingly have a lot of spare time to arrange their banana slices round the outside of the bowl to make for a photogenic breakfast, but recent research suggests one in four of us normal Brits aren’t prepared to spend any longer than two minutes making breakfast on a weekday. Find out about how brands are responding to what’s being called ‘deskfasting’ here.

Wagon Wheels are coming back with a vengeance… Not only did they get their very own feature on GBBO a few weeks ago (Here’s Paul Hollywood’s personal recipe if you fancy making your own) but they’re also returning to TV with their first ad in 5 years.

Whiskey brand Bulleit has teamed up with five of Europe’s best tattoo artists and will be launching the Community Ink Project in London, which will then go on to tour Europe. The brand and artists will work together to create Europe’s first tattooed leather billboard which will debut in Shoreditch.

Burger King are at it again with the gimmicks/genius, this time targeting dog owners with the ‘Dogpper’ to draw attention to their home delivery service in the US and Spain. Research identified that 65% of dog owners admit to giving their begging pets food from their take away orders. If customers order a home delivery they can get the free dog treat with their order throughout September.

Weight Watchers is proving it’s ability to keep up with the changing face of it’s industry with it’s ‘WW’ rebrand. Their aim is to take a more holistic approach to the concept of health and wellbeing, just one example is their plans to partner with meditation app Headspace. So far the response has been mixed!

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