Happy New Year! Is it just us, or has the return to a full week of real work been a bit of a shock to the system after the festive break? To help get you gently back into the swing of things, here’s a selection of some of the most interesting stuff we’ve found this week. Perfect inspiration for a big 2019 ahead.


Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

Seen the new HSBC campaign? Love or loath their new ode to globalism, you certainly can’t accuse them of playing it safe. Generating love and fury in equal measure is arguable a preferable strategy to banal humdrum work which seeks to please everyone.

Our very own digital guru Nick Suckley has penned a piece for Mediatel arguing we’ve reached ‘peak digital’. It’s a brilliantly written, well balanced piece which is well worth a read.

WIRED have had an interesting look at the often murky wildwest that is influencer marketing, examining some of the growing pains and challenges involved in this rapidly evolving area.

At the risk of giving away some of our secret weapons, this is an incredibly useful collection of planning and strategy models to help guide your thinking. Lots of it is aimed at creative agency strategists, but there’s still plenty of useful constructs, frameworks and models which media and marketing people can make use of.

Even in a digital world, the magazine cover retains an enduring power and allure. ItsNiceThat have had a wistful look at a few important examples through the years


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