Whilst this week marked a historic parliamentary defeat heralding yet another wave of Brexit uncertainty – as ever, Adland provided us plenty to remain cheerful about… (pardon the pun)


Some good stuff we’ve found this week:

Arguably the most head-line grabbing, and divisive, campaign this week was Gillette’s attempt to take on toxic masculinity, re-framing it’s famous tagline ‘The Best A Man Can Get’ to ‘The Best Men Can Be’. Whilst the brand is following suit of many others in the category, (including our very own Harry’s) so far it’s received a ‘mixed’ response, triggering many outspoken critics. Here is the Guardian’s view, ours is available here.

In the spirit of dry (-ier) Jan (is it over yet?!), Ikea have released a new campaign promoting the “beauty of sleep”. Set in a nightclub, the dreamlike ad shows bartenders serving herbal teas, with an all-too-familiar “fast-food” truck outside serving bowls of Cheerios and toast kebabs. Whilst we’re not sure we’ll be swapping our G&Ts and Maccy-D’s any time soon, the ad is another great example of Ikea’s creativity, inventiveness and willingness to push the boundaries within their category.

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, Tesco promises to evoke nostalgia with their new campaign, as we are taken back in time with cultural moments throughout the ages. Soundtracked to Earth Wind and Fire’s ‘September’ and spear-headed by Mr Blobby, it’s sure to put a smile on your face and make you want whip out the flares, immediately.

It looks like Nike are the first to get the keys to Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium – sorry Andrew! Teasing fans with a glimpse of the grounds in their new ad which follows Tottenham Ladies Ronnell Humes, and England striker Harry Kane. Never a brand to shy away from controversy and diversity, it’s great to see female football getting the profile and recognition it so rightly deserves.


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