Why we’re listening out for the quiet ones to turn up the volume on our ideas

Last week was Invention Week at Goodstuff and what a week it was.

A week to train the techniques that make up our Getting to Good Ideas initiative and inspire great ideas on 4 real client briefs. Working with 110 Goodstuffers, to get to 30 shortlisted ideas, from 9 sessions in 5 days.

We broke a company record for the most Goodstuffers in a single session, brought in a rabbit hutch, had an after-hours lock-in, played with some peculiar paraphernalia and turned games like darts and ping pong into ideas inspiration.

All sounds a bit silly…? Perhaps.

Did we get to some great ideas? Absolutely. Well over 30 award-worthy gems. Which is why it was so worth it.

What really made my Invention Week though, was what it taught us about our Goodstuffers:

Hidden within our ranks are sleeper cells of creative talent, folks who at first were shy to speak up or lean in, who aren’t naturally the loudest or most confident, but once engaged, came up with absolute corkers of ideas.  Some junior, some in support roles like marketing and finance, all brilliantly talented.

In an industry that too often celebrates bigger over better and volume over value, how refreshing it was to see the evidence of diverse teams, leading to better output play out. Which isn’t doing a disservice to the vocal, confident or gregarious. It’s pointing out the value of variety.

So that’s exactly what we’ll get better at moving forward. To nurture new voices to get to better ideas. To bring in the quiet ones, the outliers and the misfits, to ask them the right questions to get to new answers, as we look to progress post our success at The Campaign Media Awards.

Today it starts with getting more of these folks into ideas sessions, this year to add them to our team of 12 Goodstuffstorm Troopers (trained facilitators) and as a business to continue to seek out those made of different stuff to join the Goodstuff ranks.

Watch out for the quiet ones they say. We certainly will, as we look to turn up the volume on Getting to Good Ideas in 2019.

Ketan Lad | Creative Media Director