We are delighted to announce the launch of G-Force. A new media service designed for independent media agencies, creative agencies and clients direct who want to focus on and execute their own account management & media planning services but deliver a full-service media product by working with a trusted independent agency partner.

The launch comes as the UK media market continues to change and evolve with new client and agency models constantly emerging, but most have a consistent challenge of how to deliver media buying in a way that benefits from accreditation, financial management, scale, flexibility and innovation.

G-Force has been created to specifically deliver this for our existing partners – Startstuff creations Love Sugar Science and Sixteenbynine, in addition to Craft and MI Media and future partners including existing smaller media agencies, creative agencies and clients direct.

We hope that by launching G-Force we can encourage other media planning focused businesses, ventures and models to launch.

In addition to providing media buying and financial management services, G-Force will provide access to our social, digital, data and research consultancy and execution services.

We will not be seeking total exclusivity with our agency partners as both parties need to manage overt client conflict, but we will insist on absolute transparency of our agency partners with their clients.

G-Force will be run and managed by Bobby Din, Investment Partner alongside Amy Pountain, Account Director (pictured).

It is estimated that G-Force will deliver c.£30M of billings in its first year.

Andrew Stephens, Co-Founder of Goodstuff said As interesting client and agency models continue to emerge, G-Force has been created to provide direct access to the best buying team in London who provide innovative media owner deals, unrivalled flexibility & optimisation, market beating value and total transparency”.

Sally Weavers, Founder of Craft said “We have developed a brilliant relationship with Goodstuff over the last 18 months. The launch of G-Force will give us fast access to the bits of their business we need making the process much smoother and more efficient. Good news for us and our clients as we scale”.