Ever since we flung open the Goodstuff doors back in June 2004, we’ve been driven by our determined mission to become The World’s Most Inventive Media Agency. It’s meant we’ve never stood still, never been satisfied and continually pushed ourselves to meet and exceed clients’ changing expectations by developing our offering through agility, entrepreneurialism, and absolute commitment.

In 2011, to meet these changing client needs, we successfully evolved our business model from a pure communications planning agency to a full-service media agency and now, ten years and two Agency of The Year accolades later, we are in touching distance of £200M annual billings. 

As 2022 gets underway, it’s time to evolve our agency offering and suite of services once more. 

This time, it’s the outcome of our two-year ‘Good to Great’ business strategy. A recognition that whilst we’re one of the UK’s leading media agencies now, the digital, data and technology industry around us is changing at such pace that, if we’re to realise our stated mission above, we must similarly change, and evolve our offering.

So, we began a focused process of talking to the digital specialists to find a partner that would bring these services, platforms, and talent to Goodstuff and our clients. Well, one thing led to another and what started out as an arms-length process evolved into far more ambitious acquisition-based integration conversations that would eclipse the known short-comings of an informal partnership. 

Excited by these new possibilities, we decided to take on expert advisors in the form of Clarity, Osborne Clarke and Moore Kingston Smith to help ensure that we could deliver the best possible outcome for the Goodstuff business, our Goodstuffers and of course, our clients.

Fast forward eight months and as of 11pm on the 22nd December, we put pen to paper (or more accurately in these bizarre Covid times, a number of clicks on Docusign) and we formally became a very proud and excited new member of Stagwell, and more specifically, the Stagwell Media Network. 


Why Stagwell, you may well ask? 

Very simply because they are the best possible fit with our business and our brand.

From a business perspective, it was a no brainer as we can now offer world class breadth and depth of technology, data and digital services (10,000 digital-first experts, 68 cities, 24 countries & £5BN media billings) to our clients in our pursuit of full-funnel, omnichannel excellence.

And from a brand perspective, we’ve always been independent of mind, entrepreneurial and outspoken in the industry and so finding a new partner that shared and supported these values and ambitions was super important.

Thankfully, Stagwell are also very much the perfect brand partner. They are the digital-first global challenger marketing services group, going up against the legacy holding companies, fostering an entrepreneurial, inventive and tech enabled culture with world renowned brands like Anomaly, 72&Sunny, CPB, Assembly, Code & Theory, Harris Poll and now…Goodstuff.

Goodstuff will be working alongside Assembly in Europe, a team of 350 digital, data and tech experts, who are the rightful holders of Campaign’s EMEA Performance Agency of the Year. 


So, what’s going to change at Goodstuff as part of this deal?

In the simplest of ways, it’s as little or as much as our clients want.

All the good bits of Goodstuff remain unchanged – Andrew, Ben and the Partners are committed for the long-term, our brand, our values, our culture and our relentless focus on inventive work will not shift an inch but as of today, we also have access to world class digital and data talent, services and technology to bring omnichannel brilliance to the most progressive client brands. 

As we start the next exciting chapter of the Goodstuff story, we’d like to thank all those around us who have helped us get this far and we can’t wait to get started on turning Good into Great.

(And, no, we’re not changing our name to Greatstuff. That really would be silly.)