Alongside Creature London and the IPA, as well as over 150 advertising and media companies, we’re supporting the #GetHomeSafeInitiative.

The tragic death of Sarah Everard has highlighted the issues of women’s safety in public spaces, and we have all been looking at ways in which we can ensure the safety of the people who work for us.

But currently, only taxis employees take home from work after 9pm are viewed as a legitimate business expense, however, taxis taken home from work before 9pm, regardless of context, are viewed as a taxable benefit. As a result, employers are actively disincentivised from keeping their employees safe before 9pm; and employees are being taxed if they try to look after themselves. 

So, we’ve come together to demand changes in an open letter to Boris Johnson & UK Government. Printed in today’s Guardian, we are urging the Government to change the outdated rules governing business taxi usage so that we can keep our staff safe when they need it, not just after 9pm.

This is so important, please join us by spreading this message and adding your company to the letter #GetHomeSafe