As the media agency that was helped on its way by Virgin and Omnicom in 2004, we thought it was time to return the favour by helping the next generation of media entrepreneurs by providing up to £1M in finance and support to kick-start their own modern agency offering.

We did this in response to the systemic change in the media industry right now which has clients calling out for new model agencies. However, it’s never been harder to start a media agency due to the financial, technology and talent requirements.

Starstuff was created to help entrepreneurs get over these hurdles and start their very own business.

The Launch:

We launched Startstuff in June 2018 with the commitment to provide up to £1M worth of cash injection and support resource to help the next generation of agency owners.

Following the launch, we had 34 submissions where Ben & Andrew met with all the wannabe agency founders and saw a range of ideas that spanned the full spectrum of digital, healthcare, new media channels and creative agencies.

Further to these meetings and follow up sessions, the two businesses that we have chosen to back are the ones that we believe in the most, the ones where we think we can personally help the most and where there is the clearest commercial benefit to the Goodstuff business.

Commercial Arrangements:

We don’t want to divulge individual details regarding our arrangements, but we can confirm that we have agreed to take minority stakes in both businesses. At launch, we stated that we would want to take a majority share but on reflection we think it’s the right thing to do to further motivate the owners by allowing them to retain majority.




Love Sugar Science are our ‘Northern Supergroup’: a heady concoction of media experience and dynamic creative talent.

The industry talks at length about the importance of creativity in media, but very few agencies, apart from Goodstuff of course, put it at the heart of their business. So, when we first met the team at Love Sugar Science, it was indeed, love at first sight.

At their core, Love Sugar Science are a creative communications and media offering focussed on devising and delivering exciting ideas that sit right at the heart of popular culture. Their services will stretch from strategic planning, idea creation, media buying (through Goodstuff) all the way through to quality production.

We’ve chosen to back these 4 entrepreneurs and form our ‘Northern Supergroup’ as they bring a unique blend of experience from media owners and media agencies and they also provide Goodstuff with a strategic offering in the North – a market we predict will grow exponentially.

SixteenByNine White Screen

Whilst the media world continues to zag, we wanted to zig and Sixteenbynine is certainly that.

For the last ten years, barely a week goes by without someone (usually Gary Vaynerchuk or his entourage) decreeing the death of television and whilst you can’t ignore the changing consumption patterns of younger audiences, you similarly can’t ignore the importance of television and video and its future potential.

Indeed, at Goodstuff it’s our biggest channel by far, as our new-to-market ecommerce clients (who often do their own digital) turn to the power of television and video to scale their businesses. Our prediction is that most new and existing ecommerce businesses will disproportionately invest in television and video and therefore need a specialist agency.

So, we have chosen to back two entrepreneurs who have never worked at an agency but together spent 35+ years working at broadcasters in sales, production, partnerships and licensing. This means they really understand the business side of broadcasters and can therefore offer ‘an end to end total TV service’ for clients who are new to the TV market, heavy TV advertisers or lapsed TV advertisers).

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