Every year we lose about a week’s worth of sleep (especially Andrew), anticipating the results of The Campaign School Report. And this year was no different, especially after Campaign called us “the small player that took on the global networks and won big.”

However, we are pretty damn pleased with the outcome. We bagged ourselves a spot in the Top 50 Media Companies, compiled by Nielsen from the billing and account information. Not bad at all.

We are chuffed to announce that we managed to rate ourselves bang on in the School Report, an impressive 8/9! We also got a sneak peek of Andrew in his younger (and more ginger) years, so all in all, a very successful (and entertaining) School Report.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a School Report without a star pupil, which we are thrilled to reveal this year is the wonderful Sara Donovan (Head of People Engagement): “Sara is the closest you’ll get to rock ‘n’ roll in HR. We love her!”

Read our full Campaign School Report here.