The winds of change in the UK media agency market are at Storm Force 10.

Simply put, client business needs have evolved at a much faster pace than ‘The Big Six’ network agencies have been able to match, as clients now seek a heady combination of agency attributes: experienced business partners, objective strategic recommendations, commercial agility, financial transparency, independent measurement technology, competitive buying, high levels of customer service and entrepreneurial gusto.

Maybe this is why:

// Independent agency share of Nielsen media billings has gone up from 16% to 18% in the last 12 months and now represents over £1.6 BILLION of UK media investment.

// Independents hold both Media Week and Campaign Agency of the Year crowns.

// Further accolades for independent agencies continue to mount up, including: the 4th Fastest Growing Company in Europe by the Financial Times, Agency of the Year at The Masters of Marketing, Media Agency of the Year at The Drum Network Awards, Campaign’s 2nd and 3rd Best Large Companies to work for (and their 1st placed Best Small Company to work for), Marketing Society Scotland Star Agency of the Year and two inclusions in the Sunday Times International Fast Track 200 – the list goes on.

// We keep hearing “it’s never been a better time to be independent” evidenced by a surge in new agency model launches, including Bountiful Cow, Craft, Yonder, Wax/On, Brainlabs and Truth. Not to mention Goodstuff’s very own Startstuff £1m Fund.

Maybe all this is linked, but the one thing we are absolutely certain of, and united around, is our belief that we are in ‘the age of independence’; and our collective business model is future ready.

So, we thought we couldn’t let the gift of 4th July pass this year without doing something in unity to celebrate our success, but moreover, our freedom to do the damn hell what, when and how we want.

We approached 20 of the most brilliant independent media agencies and asked them to take part in this video. Which being lovely people, they all did.

If there is one more thing we are certain of however, it’s that our collective haul of honors will not be complemented by any Oscar nominations…

With thanks to; Bountiful Cow, Brainlabs, Craft Media, Crossmedia, Croud, December 19, Generation Media, MC&C, M.i. Media, Republic of Media, Smithfield, Talon, TCS media, The7stars, The Specialist Works, Total Media, VCCP Media & Yonder Media.