We’re proud to be celebrating and recognising the importance of International Men’s Day at Goodstuff HQ this year. Together with our Do the Right Thing Council, we will be putting on a host of activities across the week, underpinned by the following core aim:

To raise awareness and open up avenues for discussion around men’s mental health and suicide and take the lead in breaking taboos and social stigma, so that we can foster empathy and understanding and strengthen our culture.

Goodstuffers are a group of individuals made of different stuff, and collectively we shine in support of our mission: to be the world’s most inventive media agency. Our invention is born out of divergent thinking in an inclusive environment that comes together to create something truly good.

We celebrate each and every one of our Goodstuffers, including the 44% of us who are men. We Give a Sh*T about our people. We Do the Right Thing, regardless.

Keep an eye out on our socials here to see what we get up to across the week.

Goodread x IMD

Our friends over in the GoodRead team have kindly compiled this incredible reading list for
International Men’s Day to help support those struggling and to raise awareness about men’s mental health.