During a gloomy rain-filled week in central London, one thing provided some welcomed brightness; our Goodstuffers embraced Inclusion Week with a spirit and enthusiasm that we’re genuinely proud of.

Part of National Inclusion Week, Goodstuff’s Inclusion Team treated us all to a series of Inclusive activities across the week. There was a daily slot dedicated to our celebrations, in which we showcased lunchtime TED talks. From Ashley Graham to Yassmin Abdel, the talks provided inspiration from those who have championed for a more inclusive and diverse society.

But it wouldn’t be a Goodstuff initiative without some good-ole participatory fun. The first day of activities was a sharing of photos, sent in by Goodstuffers and selected based on what they felt best represents them. From dashing photos of parents, to a historic map of Essex, the photos on display celebrated backgrounds from far and wide. There was a fun twist however; all photos were submitted in private and it was up to the rest of us to work out which photo represented which Goodstuffer (harder than it looked!).

We couldn’t help but throw in a bit of Diverse-a-desking on Tuesday: sit somewhere different, get to know some new folks, and spend a good 10 minutes untangling laptop chargers ready for their new home. By now we were getting in the groove and on Wednesday, we had biscuits at the ready for an Inclusivi-tea (clue’s in the name). It was warming to see such a diverse group sitting together and sharing a cuppa.

By now, we’d like to think the week was already a success, but the best was yet to come; it was time for all-agency Bingo. With one of the best turnouts of any social gathering, our fab space at Goodstuff HQ was transformed into a disco-balled-bingo-hall-with-a-difference. We played, we won and we lost, but most importantly we enjoyed being together. We celebrated our differences and we had a blast.

A huge thank you to our Inclusion Team for making this highly memorable Inclusion week a roaring success.

Inclusion Team Board