On Friday 8th March, all around the world (almost) we celebrated International Women’s Day. A day to talk about women who have inspired us. A day to raise awareness against gender bias. A day to join together and push for equality between men and women.

At Goodstuff, we always like to do things a little differently and we weren’t satisfied with just one day, so we created ‘International Women’s Week’. A week fully packed with events celebrating all the women who have impacted our lives, deepening our understanding on how we can help make a difference and push for true equality.

With this year’s theme being ‘BalanceforBetter’, it was integral for all Goodstuffers to be involved; men and women. When speaking to men within and outside the agency, we often hear that they feel uncomfortable getting involved on International Women’s Day. This is part of the problem we face as a society. It is so important that we bring men into these conversations and to make progress, we must do it together. We ensured we rallied all our Goodstuffers, including our fabulous feMENists.

There were a range of events across the week including lunchtime TED talks, showcasing campaigns celebrating diversity, a slide show of inspirational women (Granny Thomson of course claimed her place on the big screen), a board where you could put up advice to your younger self or to complete the phrase ‘I am a feminist but…’ and so much more.

At the beginning of the week, we gave Goodstuffers the opportunity to thank female leaders/managers/mentors from their career, past or present. It was a wonderful initiative that saw almost 70 handwritten cards land on women’s desks both in and outside the agency on International Women’s Day itself.

We also decided to bring back ‘GoodChat’ for the week – ‘a series of inspirational talks with folk made of different stuff’. We asked three women who are killing it within the industry at the moment to come in and tell us about their journey and how they got to the incredibly successful positions they are in now. Elizabeth Anyaegbuna (co-founder and CEO of 16×9 Media – 1 of 2 agencies we invested in through Startstuff), Jo Rzymowska (VP and MD of Celebrity Cruises UK&I) and Kathryn Jacob OBE (CEO of Pearl & Dean) inspired a room of Goodstuffers with their stories. Their strength, ambition and resilience are undeniable, with an innate ability to see the humour in situations, even during some of the tougher times in life. Their vulnerability was truly inspiring as to do that takes immense courage. Thank you, Elizabeth, Jo and Kathryn, for taking the time to share your stories with us. You truly are made of different stuff.

We wouldn’t be Goodstuff if we weren’t already thinking about what we can do next and how we can continue to champion diversity and inclusion across the business and in everything we do. We can’t share anything with you yet but watch this space.

Finally, this leaves me to say one last thank you to everyone who got involved. The amount of support and participation was overwhelming and it was incredible to see so many of us feeling encouraged to actively make a change to achieve #BalanceforBetter. It was a truly motivating week which made me proud to be a woman and a woman here at Goodstuff.

Beth Thomson | Account Manager