Dunelms This Morning indent on a TV


When Dunelm started working with Goodstuff in 2016, it had limited its advertising to sales periods only. The challenge for Goodstuff was to build and evolve a media approach that developed alongside the growth of Dunelm. Requiring the development of robust brand strategies, social strategies, and performance integration, we needed to demonstrate our full-funnel capabilities.

Dunelms sponsorship of the TV show


Our plans have stretched from efficient broadcast planning and buying to inventive content ideas that we have leveraged across paid, owned, and earned channels. Specific ideas have included "Back to Mine," an ad-funded programme with ITV where homes meet dating, and becoming the UK launch partners for the Ozone Project. With measurement and evaluation underpinning everything we do, we have been informed and enabled to scale budgets in line with business growth.

Dunelm and Heart Instagram collaboration


Dunelm's revenue in 2024 has doubled since 2016, now sitting at £1.6 billion, with brand awareness and consideration both increasing by 15%. Dunelm won the Media Week Grand Prix for the TTL content partnership with ITV and is now a full-funnel advertiser with sophisticated brand, performance, and mid-funnel product strategies all in place.