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This week we’re looking at the release of Extinction Rebellion’s slick new promotional vide0, how McDonald’s are quite literally thinking inside the box, and the unprecedented growth in e-commerce, and much more. We hope you enjoy this edition. If you do, give us a shout out on social @goodstuffers. If not, well err contact our complaints department…

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It’s long been said that social media and online trolls go together like peas and carrots, however, this dynamic duo may now be a thing of the past. Following a successful beta trial, Twitter is launching a new way of interacting on their platform. When tweeting, it will soon be possible to determine (out of three options) who can respond to your tweet. The idea being that this will lead to more fulfilling conversations with those you want to interact with and help limit the proliferation of misinformation on the platform.

One company who has been built on social media notoriety is canned sparkling wine brand Babe, who has just launched into the UK. They’ve turned everything about the wine category on its head – from a traditional, serious, inaccessible market, Babe has created a fun, irreverent brand dripping in modern youth culture. They’ve even eschewed conventional routes to market, turning their social page into a DTC e-commerce platform, where consumers can buy merchandise embossed with derisive one-liners alongside their canned wine.

From a wine brand going after a younger audience to an environmental protest group who have evidently matured as a brand, Extinction Rebellion have come a long way since they first burst into the national consciousness in April last year. They have released a slick promotional video that outlines both their raison d’être and what you as an individual can do to positively impact the environment. Having grown their brand awareness through the shock and awe tactics of the last year, it now seems they are going after environmental fence sitters before their next rebellion rumoured for September of this year.


Samsung uses an ‘old’ platform to launch new tech

The pithily named Samsung Galaxy Note G10+ 5G neatly demonstrates its features in a ‘Bandersnatch’ style interactive game via linked Instagram stories. Reminiscent of the Met Police’s ‘Choose a different ending, but with product tech cleverly woven in.

Flying in the face of fake news

To prevent the spread of fake news and image misuse in photojournalism, Canon Nordic and Uncle Grey have developed the Truthmark, a database and digital fingerprint that ensures context and true backstory of an image is verified by photographers themselves.

Saluting UK’s wankers for taking matters into their own hands

Recognising the ongoing need for courtship to remain largely digital or al fresco during the lockdown, dating app Badoo has thanked sex-deprived love-seekers, riffing off war effort slogans, in this bold, Alice Skinner illustrated campaign.

Thinking inside the box

Normally fast food packaging would be the last thing you’d want to see on a woodland walk, but McDonald’s Finland is handing out Happy Meal-style boxes – for endangered birds. A good way for a family restaurant to enlist Finnish families in helping home feathered families. Ahhhh..!


Global Crisis has delivered unprecedented E-commerce Growth

COVID-19 and enforced lockdown have undoubtedly changed people’s behaviours for good, whether that be how we work, socialise or play. However, recent statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has shown just how profound this change has been in commerce. The UK went from 20% e-commerce penetration to over 30% in two months. To put this into context, it took around 10 years to move from 10% to 20% penetration.

Mobility is back, but not as we knew it

With journeys by vehicle now +25% above normal levels and walking at +10% according to Apple data, UK mobility has certainly returned. However, this returning mobility masks a complex picture. Indeed, city centre mobility has recovered to 50%, whilst outer city areas climbed to 80% (Adsquare). Talon data reveals significant regional differences, with SW England, in particular, receiving double the normal levels. Transport use remains low with Rail and Underground achieving 30% of normal levels, although growth is expected to accelerate through September as schools and workers return. Despite the threat of rising infections confidence is returning to Out-of-Home, with solutions based on audience trading more important than ever. To view breadth of mobility data in one place, see here.

Beats 1 rebrands as Apple Music 1

Five years after launching its Beats 1 Radio Station, Apple has renamed it Apple Music 1 and is launching Apple Music Hits and Apple Music Country. Collectively, the three stations are referred to as Apple Music Radio. Once all of the services are live, Siri will be the quickest way to listen. The services will only be available in the Apple Music app on iOS and macOS. An interesting development, which demonstrates how audio brands are increasingly owning exclusive content and services, enabling only existing consumers to access it.

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