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Welcome to the 11th Edition of Stuffed. Soon, it’ll be the 11th month of the year, and you know what that means? No, not National Sandwhich Day… it means it’s Movember! That’s right, in just a couple of days a glorious team of Goodstuffers will take part in ‘Move for Movember’, running, cycling, swimming – you name it – a collective distance of 1,400km for the 60 men lost to suicide each hour across the world. If you’d like to support the team’s admirable efforts, please donate here.

In this week’s Stuffed, we look at an animated video from Greenpeace that highlights the issue of deforestation in Brazil, we also share four of the most creative Halloween campaigns out there in our ‘Stuffed with Creativity’ Halloween special, including a virtual trick or treat from Mars. Finally, we uncover some truths about Newsworks latest research into the crucial role news brands have played throughout the pandemic. If you’ve not yet subscribed, head over here.

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Recent reports suggest that already in 2020, Brazilian rainforest amounting to the size of the UK has been burned and cleared in order to make way for industrial agriculture. Greenpeace’s new creative highlights this issue. In the ad, a child, innocent of the effect of his meat consumption, is confronted by a scary Jag-war. A ‘Monster in my Kitchen’ shows the Jag-war explaining that real monsters drive tractors and hunt profits.

We are in the midst of cultural change in the way we farm, prepare and eat food. The agricultural industry is a huge and ancient one. It is cumbersome, and not prone to rapid change. Emmanuel-Jones, the founder of ‘The Black Farmer’ brand, is fully aware of this. As the only black farmer in the UK, Emmanuel-Jones has first-hand experience of being an outsider. Having established his brand, his next aim is to challenge the underrepresentation of Black people in the industry and challenge the perpetuation of negative stereotypes, like Uncle Ben’s rice.

It would be remiss not to mention the upcoming election that will decide the leader of the ‘free world’. So, Nike have launched a powerful advert encouraging people to vote. The ad starts with acknowledging the tension in mixing sport and politics, that ‘No-one picks up a ball wanting to change the world, they want to escape it’. However, in an increasingly polarised society, brands like Rashford are being built around social issues and not just the fast cars and pop stars of the Beckham days.


Mars creates virtual trick or treat

2020 has had enough real-life horrors without trick or treating being cancelled. Which is why Mars developed and launched their own app, Treat Town, to take the trick or treat experience from streets to sofas. The app features all brands across their portfolio and integrates with retail partners.

Twitter’s scary real-life realisations

Twitter strikes again with hilarious tweets from real users, this time making them absolutely spooktacular thanks to a partnership with talented illustrators and use of UV light. A very much welcomed light relief and revamping of our streets during terrifying times.

Burger King Sweden and Denmark creates creepy mirrors

The brand continues its long-term trolling of larger rival McDonald’s, this time taking inspiration from one of the brand’s most recognised (and now dropped) icons, Ronald McDonald. Diners are dared at selected BK restaurants to say ‘Cancelled Clown’ three times for a spooky surprise.

Samsung creates Halloween home makeover

To promote connected home technology SmartThings, Samsung recently rigged up a Hertfordshire home for the ultimate display of tech-fuelled festivity. The three-hundred year-old cottage was brought into the 21st century through 3D projection mapping, props and lighting. Whilst made for social, the campaign also features a smart AR in-store integration.


Sky beta testing new trading tool

For the first time, agencies will be able to access and report back on total coverage / frequency across Sky Broadcast platforms; a hugely exciting and groundbreaking development. Sky are beta testing “One Campaign”, a completely new trading mechanic which will combine linear and VOD in one approval, ultimately allowing agencies to report combined linear/VOD delivery.

Sky will use CFlight technology and measurement to translate VOD household impression delivery into equivalent BARB audience impacts. This allows them to standardise viewing across both platforms and will see the emergence of one campaign irrespective of whether content is viewed across TV or Broadcast VOD. We see this as going some way to resolving the persistent talk of declining TV audiences as it will be a true reflection of audience figures and allow multi-platform optimisation.

Newsworks launches major study

Newsworks has released a significant piece of research ‘World Without News’ which explores the role of news brands, what they mean to people, the value they add and how they fit into our daily lives. The study began last December and gives us good insight into the crucial role that news brands have played throughout the pandemic. Below are some of the key findings:

  • 66% of news consumers said they “appreciate and value journalism more since the global coronavirus pandemic began”.
  • This increase is most prevalent in under 35s, with 77% valuing the work of journalists more now in providing reliable information and news.
  • 70% of all respondents agreed that a “world without journalism would harm democratic society”.
  • The research identified six goals that consuming news helps individuals to achieve including connecting with others, calibrating the world around us and helping us to thrive.

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