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Welcome to the 12th Edition of Stuffed. So, here we are, lockdown 2.0. We wish you all well and hope that Stuffed can bring you a bit of enjoyment in this crazy time. This week our team of Goodstuffers began ‘Move for Movember’, running, cycling, swimming – you name it – a collective distance of 1,400km in multiples of 60 to heighten awareness of the fact that every 60 seconds a man commits suicide. If you’d like to support the team’s admirable efforts, please donate here.

In this week’s Stuffed, we’re looking at six predictions for the Christmas ad season that we might just want to forget and the record Q3 growth from the ‘big four’. Finally, with anticipation of the result from the US election, we’ve put together a creative election special from election night survival kits to Reddit’s first-ever brand campaign to encourage people to ‘Up’ the real vote rather than vote on their content.

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With the first round of Christmas ads released this week, for us adland folk the festive season has officially begun. However, whilst most eagerly await the annual pièce de resistance (John Lewis’ ad of course) Harry Lang predicts a less memorable season, inspired by clichés that have been a reliable constant since lockdown first began back in March. Whether you empathize with his skepticism, or if you’re holding out hope for a Christmas creative miracle, the article makes for an interesting and light-hearted read.

Let’s face it, we all know the feeling of waking up late, turning on Zoom for that 9am call, and being slightly jarred by just how tired those bed eyes really look. Although Zoom’s “Touch Up” feature has been a handy tool in polishing imperfections, L’Oréal Paris promises to take your look one step further, with the launch of a digital make-up line that works on live video. Using AR tech and equipped with 10 virtual filters, the innovative service certainly shows how the beauty industry intends to elevate it’s offering, amid the ongoing challenges faced by the sector.

Despite investing millions in mass reach campaigns, ONS’ latest report that TV is the top choice for people seeking C-19 information, will undoubtedly come as another blow to the government’s heavily criticized pandemic comms. That being said, the news once again consolidates TV’s position as one of the most powerful mediums, arguably seen as a more trustworthy source during times of crisis than the present government.


Babe Wine helps viewers survive the nights of tension 

Thankfully for US audiences, Babe Wine produced an Election Night Survival Kit, complete with all the goodies, stress-busting paraphernalia (and most importantly) wine, to get through the uncertainty. A reflective sign of the times to make the most out of cultural moments and staying at home.

Reddit ‘Ups’ the vote

Only 63% of eligible people voted in the last US Election, many of which were young voters. So this time, Reddit put their influence with this audience to use for their first-ever brand campaign, which encouraged people to ‘Up’ the real vote rather than Up or Down vote content on their platform.

Boosting voices in 2016

A throwback to the last US election, where Boost’s brilliant idea helped to raise awareness of unequal voting by transforming their stores nationwide into voting stations. A great idea that had the backing of the entire business and improved voter turnout by 23% in precincts in proximity to Boost store.

Discounts to drive the vote

Mobility and the ability to get to a voting station is often the barrier to preventing people from voting, so this year Lfyt, Uber and other ride-sharing apps have discounted voter riders by as much as 50%, also partnering with charities to help the communities most in need.


When Two becomes Four in Q3
Whilst the rise of the duopoly of Google and Facebook in the past decade has been omnipresent, Amazon & Twitter are starting to take their seats at the same table. The ‘big four’ all showed record growth in Q3 with each of the respective players taking advantage of different subsections of the market. Twitter is arguably the most interesting to see on the move, as the once great rival of Facebook, has managed to revamp its product and offering through the return of events and product launches post lockdown, helping to boost ad revenue by 44% quarter-on-quarter and 15% year-on-year. It’s no longer a two horse race and diversification in the market is good for Advertisers, Consumers and Brands alike.

Classic FM airs programmes for pets and owners
Classic FM’s Pet Sounds have returned this year to help anxious pets and their owners during firework season. The first programme aired last night and the second will be broadcast tomorrow from 7-9pm, playing a selection of soothing and relaxing music, specially curated to help calm the nerves of the nation’s pets. There are also dedications to listeners’ pets and advice from the RSPCA for any owners looking to reassure their animals. This may seem like a crazy idea, but this sort of programming provides great PR for brands and Classic FM.

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