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Welcome to the 13th Edition of Stuffed. It’s been a good week at Goodstuff, as our lovely Goodstuffer, Carmen Cheung, made it into Campaign’s Faces to Watch 2020 (Congratulations, Carmen!). We also proudly launched Space, a new safe environment for our Goodstuffers to support each other with mental wellbeing maintenance. And of course, our Movember team are still out there Moving for Movember, having moved an incredible 386km so far. If you’d like to support the team, please donate here.

In this week’s Stuffed, the folks behind the Big Mac have some big news about a new vegan menu, we then look at an initiative to re-release celebrated books under the real names of their female authors. Finally, we provide an update on how the OOH industry is doing during lockdown 2.0. If you’ve not yet subscribed, you can do so here.

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This week Netflix announced they’re expanding their services beyond SVOD into linear TV. Whilst not yet available in the UK, our French friends across the channel will be the first to experience Netflix’s foray into real-time scheduled programming, with launch of ‘Netflix Direct’ set for the beginning of December and hoping to make the most of the high consumption of traditional TV in France. We’re sure their viewers will be happy enough if they’re airing The Queen’s Gambit at 9pm each night. What a show.

Another brand trying to keep its consumers happy at the moment are McDonald’s, who have revealed they’re releasing a new vegan menu. The ‘McPlant’ range will be tested across key markets throughout 2021 and represents their first dip into the world of plant-based alternatives. It also follows in the footsteps of noisy neighbours Burger King, who released a plant-based Whopper in the States last year. Surely the range can’t compete with the deliciousness of the quintessentially British Gregg’s vegan sausage roll, but let’s wait and see.

If (like French people) you watch a lot of linear TV, then you’ll notice that our screens have become filled with Christmas ads this week, as brands seek to play on our heartstrings during the festive season. But, the big’un that we’re all eagerly awaiting is that of John Lewis and Partners and the brand has already started dropping hints around the ad this week. Both of their brands have added a heart to their logos ahead of the campaign launch which asks the question, what are those pesky guys planning?!


KFC’s close shave for Movember 

To mark the start of Movember, KFC in France has decided to raise awareness in one of the most committed brand communications tactics – changing their logo. The iconic Colonel Sanders is perhaps best recognised for that absolute Zinger of a tache, so changing it has surely turned a few heads.

Creature and Crew start The Great Unfollow 

Donald Trump has quite the Twitter following and is prone to frequently using his account to make mischief, much of which has had a negative effect on attitudes to immigration. To disarm his weapon of mass destruction, Creature, Crew and Choose Love have joined forced to inspire The Great Unfollow.

Spotify gets us pumped with podcasts

The platform recently launched an online portal to help pick the perfect playlist for your lockdown workout, according to location, intensity, time, and musical taste. Best of all, you can pick your favourite podcast host to be your personal trainer as they voice your tailored workout.

Bailey’s helps to re-write a wrong 
Throughout history, female writers have had to write under male pseudonyms to get published, so in partnership with The Women’s Prize for Fiction, Bailey’s have launched ‘Reclaim Her Name,’ an initiative to re-release celebrated bookS under the real names of their female authors.


OOH industry remains resilient during lockdown 2.0

Following renewed, but lesser, lockdown measures across England and heightened restrictions across Wales and Scotland too, the impact on Out-of-Home mobility is complex. From a headline perspective we’re seeing sustained audience resilience across pedestrian and vehicular facing formats – delivering around 70% of ‘normal’ levels. Extended trading flexibility and audience adjustment is enabling a range of advertisers to take advantage of heavily incentivised pricing. It’s now clear that Roadside and Bus formats can deliver valuable audiences during the coming weeks and months, and shopping malls too are anticipated to improve in the key shopping weeks leading into Christmas and beyond. Despite the complexities of the situation, the industry has the tools and flexibility to enable effective use of the channel.

Spotify buys Megaphone

Spotify continue to invest heavily into the Podcast space. On the 10th November Spotify bought Megaphone, one of the world’s leading podcast advertising and publishing platforms, for a rumoured $235 million. Two years ago Spotify announced that audio, not just music, was their key future strategy. Spotify believes that ‘streaming audio, including music and podcasts, is poised to be the next great frontier for listeners, creators, and advertisers’. In the UK podcasts still represents only 4% of total listening hours, however, we expect to see this number increase in the coming months.

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