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Welcome to the 14th Edition of Stuffed. It’s Friday, blast your favourite Friday music playlist, grab yourself a beverage and take in that fresh air of the soon-to-be weekend. But first, it’s time to get Stuffed…and whilst you’re here, if you have some time to spare and generosity to share, then we’d love any support you can give to our Movember team who are collectively moving 1,400km for charity by donating here.

In this week’s Stuffed, we see the launch and subsequent backlash of ‘fleets’, a new way to post on Twitter. We also admire the creative prowess of Sony who use an Underground method to showcase their latest console. Finally, YouTube launch a new way to advertise that directly challenges Spotify. As always, if you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so here.

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Hot off the presses, fellow media enthusiast – Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint in the real world) is officially on the gram! Not only that, he has also broken Sir David Attenborough’s record for the fastest time to reach a million Instagram followers (4 hours 1 minute vs 4 hours 44 minutes) – corr, that’s a close one.

This week we saw the launch (and subsequent backlash) of Twitter’s ‘fleets’ feature, which allows users to send tweets that vanish in 24 hours. Some clever folk reading this will note the similarity of style to Instagram or Snapchat Stories – fleets essentially allow a user to post ‘fleeting thoughts’; in the form of post text, photos or video that then disappear after a day. Whilst some found this new style helpful in joining new conversations, others claim that they could be seen to encourage harassment as there is no lasting record of ‘fleets’ once the 24 hours are up! Twitter continue to work on this.

Black Friday will soon be upon us in full force – a weekend we can’t wait for (thank you to the postmen and women in advance). This year, the good eggs that are the British premium brand Belstaff, has pledged to donate 10% of its full-price sales to The Big Issue Foundation. It’s a continuation of their earlier promotion where they donate one jacket for every jacket sold.


Sony goes underground for the launch of Playstation 5

Seven years ago Sony sparked headlines by turning the OXO Tower into an ad to launch the PS4. For the PS5 launch this week, it seems that Sony has reached a new top score with an Oxford Circus tube stunt, and oh so cheekily on Microsoft’s doorstep too.

Sainsbury’s encourages us to live well with less (racism)

Hats off to the brilliant creative work of fellow indie Wieden & Kennedy, it’s sincere, emotive and distinctive. We also applaud the brilliant handling of the hate that followed from Sainsbury’s, rival supermarkets, celebs and influencers who rallied around the brand. Bravo for doing the right thing.

From bored to board to teach people about home insurance 

To combat the rise of uninsured homes in Australia, NRMA has created and launched a board game to educate players about the importance of home insurance. Help! The Game features all the threats a home might find in real life – theft, floods, fires and more.

Burberry smashes it whilst singin’ in the rain

We’re all weathering a storm right now, so Burberry’s latest ad really struck a chord with us. A brilliant reimagining of the Gene Kelly classic, with solid choreography and more of the beautiful film craft that we’d expect from such an iconic brand.


I’m a Celebrity most watched non-news programme of the year

I’m A Celebrity launched on Sunday evening peaking with an audience of 12m, making it the second biggest launch show since 2013 & the fifth biggest show of 2020. The four shows pulling a bigger audience have all been Covid related, such as the Queen’s address in April & the Prime Minister’s statements. Excluding news programming, I’m a Celebrity is the biggest show since the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special last year and saw ITV take their highest ever share of 16-34’s at 77% (peaking at 3 million).

YouTube launches audio ads

In a direct challenge to Spotify, YouTube have launched Audio Ads and Ad-Targetable Music Lineups.  The 15-second audio ads will be the first format designed to reach YouTube users who listen to music or podcasts ambiently. In a similar vein to Spotify, advertisers can buy across dynamic music playlists, such as Top 100 charts, as well as ads targeted by moods or interests like fitness or relaxation/meditation. The move is to boost ad revenue for both YouTube as well as artists and their record labels. Video is very much the largest category on YouTube, however, if they can monopolise the audio opportunity then it will impact the audio landscape.

Graham Norton to host weekend shows on Virgin Radio

After a decade of entertaining Radio 2 listeners, Graham Norton has swapped BBC Radio 2 for Virgin Radio UK. Graham follows in Chris Evans’ footsteps to the News UK brand to front a flagship show for Virgin Radio UK on Saturdays and Sundays. Despite there being no Rajar diaries to give the official verdict, Virgin have experienced strong streaming numbers over the past few months in lockdown. With more high profile talent heading their way, we would expect to see an increase in listener numbers when Rajar can resume.

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