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Welcome to the 15th Edition of Stuffed, it’s less than one month to go until Christmas, and the age-old question we ask ourselves is here… is it too early to get the Xmas tree up and start hanging those baubles? Knock yourself out we say! Whilst you’re in the spirit of things, why not check out our Goodstuff Gifs, created this week, you’ll find them when searching ‘Goodstuff’ on Instagram Stories gifs.

In this week’s Stuffed, we bid farewell to our beloved Bake Off, one that proved a huge success for Channel 4. Next up, the image of Santa Claus is re-imagined in Brazil by a brand synonymous with Christmas ads. Finally, a brand-new Newsworks study reveals the power of news brands amongst the under 35’s. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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Oh how we’ve loved the Great British Bake Off this year. Bringing us all a bit of normality when things have been far from it. And unsurprisingly, 2020’s finale of the Great British Bake Off has become Channel 4’s biggest-ever show in terms of ratings since modern records began in 2002, peaking at 10.4 million. We’ve all been partial to a bit of home banana bread baking this year. We wonder, how many future star bakers have been made during 2020?

We’ve also been wondering what Christmas shopping in 2020 looks like? It’s estimated that people in the UK could spend around £6 billion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year compared to £5.6 billion in 2019. But with lockdown restrictions lifting on 2nd December, consumers who decide to do their shopping in-store will have a very different experience. No Santa’s Grotto, no Christmas activities, if we’re lucky we might see Santa over zoom!

Having evolved from its humble beginnings in the Australian outback into being one of the world’s premier annual charity moments, Movember seeks to raise awareness of prostate cancer whilst also raising awareness and funds that go towards combating mental health-related issues that disproportionately affect young men. A plethora of brands have supported the cause with Pringles & KFC shaving off their mascots moustaches for the month of November. The Gym Group have once again partnered with Movember, however, with gyms currently out of action they’ve encouraged members to get out and about with their 6 for Movember campaign, raising awareness of the fact that men typically die 6 years earlier than women and largely from preventable reasons.


Coca Cola re-imagines Santa (again)

The brand arguably pioneered the red and white outfit we associate Santa Claus with today, so in Brazil, Coke decided to update his image yet again, this time with ethnicity. In a country where black audiences are highly underrepresented, this heart-warming idea shows us challenging convention can inspire togetherness.

Royal London’s gives new life to death

Life insurance and pensions provider Royal London has teamed up with fashion photographer Ranking to encourage us to change how we think of and see death. In a year with significant tragedies, this brave work challenges many perspectives and fears we hold when it comes to end of life.

Supermarkets rally against racism on Channel 4

Following the backlash to the brilliant Sainsbury’s Christmas ad, tonight Channel 4 will be bringing together supermarkets in solidarity with Sainsbury’s for an ad break takeover to unite against racism. Waitrose, Tesco, Iceland, Asda, Aldi, Lidl and Co-Op will air messages at 8:15 tonight during Bake Off: An Extra Slice.

Cadbury’s goes virtual with Secret Santa

For two years their purple post boxes have been a welcome sight of Christmas allowing people to send Dairy Milk anonymously to someone they care about. In the face of COVID challenges, we’re glad to see the service go virtual rather than disappear entirely.


Connected TV continues to grow at a lightening pace
It has been difficult to predict the effect of the pandemic on digital advertising, in a truly unprecedented year. One clear behavioural change has been the quick adoption of connected TV. On YouTube, nearly 16% of total delivery this year (Goodstuff campaigns) has come courtesy of CTV, up from just 1.9% in H1 2018. Amazon were relatively late to the CTV party, only launching an offering in 2019. However, in the US, many brands selling on Amazon are now purposefully targeting consumers via connected TV ads thanks to the wealth of identifiable shopper data available. While it is still difficult to predict digital consumption in 2021, it’s a relatively safe bet that connected TV will grow significantly.

Newsworks study demonstrates power of news brands amongst the under 35s
Following the release of their major new study ‘World Without News’, Newsworks has produced a deep dive into the under 35 audiences. The study, which explores the role of news brands in a contemporary landscape, unearths some interesting findings, particularly amongst the under 35s; News brands are playing an increasingly important role in their lives, with the pandemic accelerating their appreciation for trusted news. Key findings include:

  • Since the start of the pandemic, 77% of under 35s feel that they have been made more aware of the value and importance of journalism in our society, with 68% agreeing that a world without journalism would harm democracy.
  • Nearly 70% of under 35s agree that ‘I find myself checking the news whenever I get a spare moment in the day’, with many confirming that news brands are their number one source of news content on social media.
  • When people under 35 read news brands, they are four times more likely to say that it ‘made me change my behaviour’, than those who are over 35.

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