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In this week’s Stuffed, Bob Wootton offers his words of wisdom in Mediatel for a Christmas 2020 round-up, struggling restaurants are offered a kind gesture from a King, and Netflix strikes a deal with Royalty. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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US cinephiles were treated to an early Christmas present last week when Warner Bros announced that they would be streaming all 2021 cinematic releases on the HBO Max streaming service. It’s another example of industries looking outside the box (or in this case, looking to the box) to satisfy demand, and will have delighted many film fans with the thought of being able to watch the new Space Jam in their pyjamas. However, it’s another potential blow to a struggling cinema industry, as detailed by Natalie Marchant for the World Economic Forum.

In slightly less Christmassy news, the Guardian’s Ariel Bogle has been commenting this week on a link between podcasts and the spread of misinformation and fake news. Whilst the appetite for podcasts continues to grow unabated, the article draws attention to the fact that it is still a largely unmoderated medium. It’s a tricky issue – as both the joy and drawback of the channel, like with social media, is that it provides a voice to anybody with a microphone and internet access. But if those voices are peddling dangerous disinformation to a growing audience without reprisal, the microscope will turn to the likes of Apple, Google, Spotify and Acast to regulate the content on their platforms.

Bob Wootton’s Christmas 2020 round up in Mediatel of ‘the year that we’d rather forget’, is full of interesting thought and insight around new habits, new agency models and new-ish mediums (such as the unfortunately-acronymed Programmatic Out Of Home). But we’d be lying if we didn’t say that the bit that caught our attention was the fantastic new Bumble TVC at the end, starring Helena Bonham Carter, no less. Tapping into more than a few familiar new-normals, it’s a delightfully welcome break from the sea-of-same emotional Christmas spots. Well worth a watch!


The King’s Gambit

Restaurants across the UK are shutting down, so Burger King have come to the rescue by donating their Instagram page to local, independent restaurants in Tier 3 areas. By using the hashtag #whopperandfriends, struggling restaurants can access the brand’s 96,000 followers to boost takeaway orders.

We wish Bru a Merry Christmas

This year Irn-Bru’s Christmas advert revisits the tale of the Snowman who stole a boys Bru. The first iteration was back in 2006, making this well worth the wait. It goes to show that a cherished family tale is made all the more iconic, with a Scottish sense of humour.

That’s a turnip for the books

Hellman’s believe food is too good to waste, even virtual food. That’s why they created Hellman’s Island in Animal Crossing. For each spoiled turnip donated to the Island, Hellman’s donated two meals to Food Share. A wonderfully timely campaign that highlights the topic of food waste to a younger generation.

A Christmas card with money in it
When Covid 19 struck, vulnerable people were unable to go shopping to buy supplies. Starling Bank created the Connected Card, a separate debit card that connects to your account and can only make in store purchase. Give it to a mate and let them deliver the goods to your door.


TikTok makes its TV debut
In a move that will be seen as another feather in the cap for the connected TV (CTV) ecosystem, a new TikTok app has been specifically created for newer Samsung TVs. The app will allow viewers to see the “For You” and “Following” feeds and organises TikTok content into 12 categories, covering areas such as gaming, comedy, food and animals. It can be downloaded via the Samsung Smart TV app and will now be pre-installed on all new Samsung TVs. TikTok have had a stellar year this year, increasing its user base by 75% to 8.5m users whilst also attracting major brands to its advertising platform, including ASOS, Nike and Adidas. We even ran our very first TikTok takeover for our client ClearPay, which had some astonishing results. We see CTV as a brave new world for clients to invest in. To date, the market has not been as defined as in other territories, but there is a lot of opportunity to develop a strong presence in this massively growing area.

Prince Harry and Meghan sign Spotify podcast deal
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have signed an exclusive deal with Spotify to produce and host podcasts. Proceeds raised in the deal will go to Prince Harry and Meghan’s charity. The move comes a year after a deal with Netflix was agreed with the former senior royals. For the podcast we have been promised “different perspectives” as well as interviews with “amazing people”. The first podcast is due for release over the Christmas period and is a ‘holiday special’.

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