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Welcome to the 21st edition of Stuffed. It’s been an eventful week to say the least, with the arrival of Blue Monday and Storm Christoph tearing through the country and our eyes firmly peeled as we say goodbye Trump, and hello Biden! We wonder what next week will bring?

In this week’s Stuffed, we applaud a British broadcaster committing to a diverse recruitment target, Cadbury’s hijacks Gary Barlow’s Birthday, and we take a look at how the streaming market is showing no signs of slowing down. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

Happy reading and stay safe everyone.

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The week may have started with Blue Monday, but brands have taken matters into their own hands and put a positive spin on what is dubbed the most depressing day of the year. Wellbeing café, ‘Feel Good Club’, and city guide Manchester’s Finest have joined forces with Jack Arts to spread messages of positivity on outdoor spaces and billboards across Manchester. The posters oozed positivity, with the sole aim of letting people know that they are not alone during this time.

Another brand we’re applauding is our good friend, Channel 4. This week they also launched their six week, ‘Bubble Up with Channel 4’ campaign – resplendent with a new, bright pink covid bubble logo that can be seen across the whole C4 network. Like our own Feel Good Club, the campaign aims to make people feel good and provide some light relief, whilst also promoting upcoming TV show releases. Let’s get cosy!

As the world watched Donald Trump lose his job this week, it was the perfect time for a moment of hopeful inspiration for what comes next. Poet Laurete Amanda Gorman delivered a stunning performance for Joe Biden’s inauguration with her poem “The Hill We Climb” – showing wisdom and poise far beyond her 22 years. Written in the aftermath of the Capitol invasion, her stirring five minute speech delivered an absolute masterclass in rhetoric, creative writing and art of the spoken word.

Diversity in the workplace is something that has long been talked about and celebrated, particularly in our world of media and marketing, where varied thoughts and perspectives are key to unlocking creativity and inventiveness. So, we were delighted this week to see Sky announce a new recruitment target, that pledges 1 in 5 of its staff will be from a minority ethnic background by 2025. It’s something that we feel passionately about here at Goodstuff and so we’re delighted to see our friends at Sky starting to carve the way.


The Guardian reminds us that hope is power

Ready to run on inauguration day was a powerful brand campaign by the Guardian, reminding us how far we’ve come along in democracy and diversity for Kamala Harris to be sworn in as US Vice President; a great example of planning to be relevant to a monumental moment.

No holding back from Rebel Kitchen

Not all is what it seems as dairy-free milk brand Rebel Kitchen’s clever digital out-of-home campaign gives a not so fond farewell to former president Donald Trump. Each ad highlights letters in seemingly normal sentences that animate to land blows such as ‘F off Trump’, amongst many others.

A medical alliance creates evidence we can all relate to

Continuing our US theme; a collective of American medical associations and vaccine producers have decided to lead with pure emotion in this campaign to encourage everyone to take the jab. Brilliantly emotive videos direct people to for the facts.

Happy Birthday To Goo Gary, from Cadbury’s

Ending on some homegrown fun – Cadbury’s Creme Egg just cracked out another corker to keep us sunny side up in such down times. To celebrate their own golden anniversary – Cadbury’s hijacked Gary Barlow’s 50th to get him to sing personalised video messages to prize-winning fans.


The streaming market goes from strength to strength
As the world suffered through more lockdowns and time couped up at home, Netflix saw their subscription numbers and profits surge. Adding 37 million users over its financial year, 83% of which were from outside North America, the streaming service hit 200m users worldwide. Whilst profits were buoyed by disrupted filming schedules due to the pandemic, 2021 sees Netflix with 500 titles currently in post-production or ready to launch, with at least one original film launching every week of the year.

Even with passing this milestone, it was Amazon Prime that won the Q4 new subscribers battle in the UK, attracting 49% of all new subscribers. Amazon’s live sports offering, having both Premiership football & live International Rugby set it apart from its rivals. Unsurprisingly for the full calendar year, Disney+, which launched in March in the UK drew the largest proportion of new subscriptions, 38% of the total. The streaming market certainly shows no sign of slowing. Across 2020 the average adult spent over 20% of their daily viewing watching unmatched viewing, according to BARB data. Unmatched viewing is when the TV set is on but not running traditional linear TV. From April onwards, unmatched viewing accounted for over 50% of 16-34’s TV consumption.

That’s all folks for the 21st edition of Stuffed, we’ll see you next week.