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Welcome to the 23rd edition of Stuffed. Although it certainly felt like forever, January is finally behind us folks! And despite the British rain seemingly here to stay, the events that February has to offer are almost upon us, with Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day nearly here, not forgetting our evenings getting lighter day by day. We also have something lovely up our sleeves this month, so keep an eye out!

In this week’s Stuffed, we look at a LEGO partnership that hopes to fill a creative void for housebound kids, a brilliant billboard that brings to life the climate emergency, and we look at the potential effects of the latest privacy updates from tech giants. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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Acknowledging the barrier of a seemingly endless reading list for many prospective students suffering from dyslexia, but looking to study advertising at university – new platform LEO aims to transform how these students learn, and ultimately make a creative education more accessible. We love this initiative to bring more dyslexic and neurodivergent talent into the creative industries.

With the Super Bowl due to take place over the weekend, Verizon have committed to making the annual spectacle even more extravagant this year, with a host of new digital-first creative experiences to mark the critical marketing sports moment. Catering for those attending the game as well as fans at home, there will be seven different camera angles available to view from the mobile app, AR overlays of game footage, co-viewing opportunities on Yahoo and a post-game live streamed concert featuring Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys. However, it is the creation of an interactive stadium within Fortnite that is perhaps most unique, showing the importance of gaming in appealing to younger audiences in particular. At a time when large gatherings are limited and many brands have opted to scale down their usual big-ticket super bowl investment, Verizon’s efforts stand out for all the right reasons.

With lockdown keeping children inside, Universal and LEGO have come together to create Vidiyo, a video creation app that hopes to act as a fun learning tool, whilst filling a creative void for housebound kids. By scanning their real-life Lego characters and a range of special tiles, the app lets them create short, shareable dance clips alongside their favourite characters. The similarity to Tiktok won’t be lost on many… However, with the inclusion of heavy moderation checks and the additional LEGO twists, including their iconic mini figures, we hope the app succeeds in becoming a safe and entertaining creative outlet for the youth of tomorrow.


Sexstainability: Saving the planet never felt so good 

Pornhub have launched a new channel with a secondary aim of helping to save the environment. Every view on the channel counts as money that Pornhub will donate to ‘2030 or bust’, an environmental agency dedicated to inspiring people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Valentine’s card, from Post Office with Lover

The village of Lover is expanding its historic Valentine’s Day lover stamp with the help of Royal Mail. To help raise money for the local community and reconnect with people separated by Coronavirus, you can buy and send cards with famous Lover postage stamp.

Perfect Planet’s smokin’ OOH heats up Manchester

As Sir David keeps pointing out, the world’s climate is heading in the wrong direction, yet we rarely see the corresponding weather extremes living in the UK. For Dave’s last series, Perfect Planet, the BBC created this brilliant smoking, smouldering billboard to dramatise the climate emergency and bring it closer to home.

You know what Miller Lite says about big URL’s..?

It’s Superbowl weekend, which means the advertising flood gates are open. But Miller Lite want to be the only beer ad you see. To do this, they’ve created a URL that not only gives you free beer, but by typing it burns the calorie difference of rival lager, Michelob Ultra.


Tech giants continue to push for more privacy
The battle of the tech giants has taken another twist, with Apple continuing to advance their position on consumer privacy. Within the latest IOS 14 update, Apple have announced two key updates that all digital marketers need to pay attention to.

The first will affect app usage, with Apple requiring that all apps in the App Store show a discouraging prompt to users on iOS 14 devices. This will prohibit data collection that advertisers can then use. While this will help consumer privacy, ad experiences may be comprised with users potentially being targeted with less relevant ads. This move could also result in a decrease in ad revenue for these apps, in future, this may mean a lower volume of apps but higher quality, with revenue models having to shift towards in-app payments and subscriptions.

The second change enforced through IOS 14 will be a mandatory edit to Facebook’s attribution window – limiting the visibility that Facebook & Instagram campaigns have on business performance. Previously, users could be tracked up to 28 days after seeing an ad on the platform, helping to show the worth of their advertising. This attribution window will now be reduced to 7 days after clicking on an ad, and one day after viewing it. In the short term, campaign performance could be hindered, and brands should keep a close eye out for their CPAs across Facebook to see the full impact these attribution changes may pose.

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