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Welcome to the 25th edition of Stuffed. A big thanks if you tuned in to the main event of the week, Goodstuff Loves. Our Valentine’s Day initiative aimed to shine the light of love on 14 people/organisations who we think did something amazing during the past year, we hope you’ll agree they all truly deserved it! If you haven’t yet had the chance to see who our chosen 14 are, you can find them here.

In this week’s Stuffed, we look at a streaming giant announcing the arrival of ‘Star’, how a breakfast brand caused quite a stir with some baked beans, and Channel 4’s ‘It’s a Sin’ driving All4 streaming success. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe to Stuffed here.

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Over the last few weeks, misinformed concerns of the COVID-19 vaccine have been growing amongst BAME communities, with data showing that white people were twice as likely to accept the vaccination vs those from a BAME background, especially those aged 80+. In an attempt to curb this & encourage them to embrace the vaccine, all broadcasters are airing celebrity-endorsed comms.

The likes of Netflix, Amazon & Disney+ have all benefitted from the world being stuck inside – Disney+ in particular reported 86 million subscribers in December 2020. But as lockdown starts to ease, the likes of Disney+ will be asking themselves how to retain those subscribers in the UK. In doing so, they are turning their heads to the older generation and announced this week that they will be bringing ‘Star’ to their portfolio. This includes making shows like Desperate Housewives & Prison Break exclusive to Disney+.

In 2019, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos created the ‘green pledge’, which obliges signatories to ’measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis’ – all in the wider ambition to be net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. This week, it was reported that a further 20 companies have signed up (total 53), one of which is S4 Capital. Here at Goodstuff, we think they’re good eggs – more so with the launch of the climate action group by the Ad Association.


Beanz Meanz Tweetz

Never in the history of the internet has a breakfast brand caused a stir like this. A seemingly out-of-the-blue post of a bowl of Weetabix with baked beans slopped on top went viral last week. This created massive Twitter “brander”, ultimately justifying the dubious decision.

Have a Twitter Break

KitKat took a break this week and handed the reins to creative Sam Hennig to showcase this Zoom-era poster idea. Sam’s response to a One Minute Brief nearly broke Twitter. Not bad for a poster that didn’t actually run. Hopefully, KitKat will ‘snap’ it up for real.

You’ll either love it or detonate it

Marmite are back with a bang… To launch their new chilli variant, they created an (actual, not photoshopped) ‘exploding’ poster with a giant jettisoned lid crashed through a nearby car windscreen. In response to massive Twitter traction, Autoglass quickly came to the rescue.


Props to our very own Socialstuff team for this sweet treat… Lovers may be apart this Valentine’s Day, but Krispy Kreme made it possible to serenade your sweetheart. Fans submitted messages on social to have them performed by a Krispy Kreme Quartet.


Little Moon’s & TikTok – A match made in heaven
This week TikTok released a case study on Little Moons, a Japanese inspired ice cream delight. The TikTok sensation that went viral got many influencers and TikTokers to flock to supermarkets to get their hands on the mochi ice cream treats. It was a match made in heaven, with the combination of the fun and unique appearance of the desserts suiting the platform and the current pandemic meaning one of the only outings people can make is to the supermarkets. Not a very glamourous outing, but they succeeded in glorifying it.

Little moons seized the opportunity from the organic buzz and pushed this further. They ran a one day only max in feed campaign, serving 6.7million impressions and 137k followers, with a very impressive 1300% increase in sales as a result. The perfect example of seizing opportunities that the digital space and the unfortunate role of the pandemic can offer, giving people a little taste of charm.

Seen ‘it’s a sin’ yet? Well for All4, it’s been a hit!
Channel 4 may have been onto a winner with their new drama, ‘It’s a Sin’. Streams on All4 rose by 92% year-on-year, and has quickly become their biggest ever drama launch. 2020 has seen both audiences and broadcaster’s start to pivot to our IP future. Some of the biggest, high-profile, younger-orientated programming is now delivering more than half of their viewership online, and All4’s USP as the biggest free streaming service seems to be succeeding.

So if the IP TV horse has already bolted, then as advertisers we need to be more confident about moving away from our comfortable, econometrically measured linear TV landscape, and be bolder in our buying. For broadcasters though, BVOD still isn’t able to give us the clarity and certainty that the BARB measured broadcast landscape has given us. In January, young audiences spent more time on All4 than they did on Channel 4, but are we there on the media accountability?